Field Trip Procedures

|Quick Reference for PUSD Field Trip Procedure|

Prior to any field trip, please familiarize yourself with the following Board Policies and Administrative Procedures governing field trips:

Administrative Procedure 3.38   -  Introduction to Co-curricular and Extracurricular Trips
Administrative Procedure 3.38.1 - Co-curricular and Extracurricular Trips
Administrative Procedure 6.53.4 - Study, Co-curricular, and Extracurricular Trips
Administrative Procedure 6.53.5 - Use of Private Transportation for Transporting Students
Administrative Procedure 6.58.1 -
Transportation for Extra Curricular Activities


For insurance purposes and legal reasons, the District must know whether your event is school-sponsored, or private.  School-sponsored means it is approved by the principal as part of the school's academic program (curricular or extracurricular) and is within your job description.  Private refers to activities initiated by individual employees acting in their personal capacity, even though students may be involved.  Care must be taken to maintain a clear distinction between these two kinds of activities

For a detailed listing of what constitutes School-Sponsored Field Trips & Activities and
Private Trips & Activities, click here.

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Miscellaneous Information




Co-curricular - A program that is associated with the curriculum in a regular classroom, e.g., a study trip, a band performance [Education Code 35160.5(a)(3)]

Excursion - A field trip that is primarily recreational, but school sponsored.

Extracurricular - An activity that is not part of the regular school curriculum, is not graded, does not offer credit, and does not take place during classroom time.  The following are examples of characteristics enumerated by Education Code 35160.5(a)(1) and (2):
*  supervised or financed by the District
*  Students participating in the program representing the District
*  Students exercise some degree of freedom in either the selection, planning, or control of the program, and
*  Includes both preparation for performance and performance before an audience of spectators.

Field Trip - A general term for a school-sponsored co-curricular or extracurricular trip, including excursions and study trips.

Study Trip- A co-curricular field trip having specific learning objectives.