Student Attendance and Discipline

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Student Attendance and Discipline

Director of Student Attendance & Discipline Shawn M. Wirth, Ed.D.  (858) 521-2840
Admin. Assistant
Inter/Intradistrict Transfers
Nancy Dannhauser  (858) 521-2842
Admin. Assistant-Discipline Barbara Teixeira  (858) 521-2841
Office Assistant Lynn Salo  (858) 521-2840

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Poway Unified School District
FAQ's about Enrollment and Transfers

What information do I need to enroll my kindergartner?
  1. His/her original birth certificate, passport
  2. His/her immunization record. Your student will need all the immunizations required for attending school prior to registration.
  3. Parent/Legal Guardian’s Identification (Driver’s License/Passport)
  4. Two proofs of residency
    • Deed to a home
    • Escrow papers for a home
    • Tax receipt (property taxes or personal taxes)
    • Receipt for deposit with the local utility company and/or receipt for bills paid to the local utility company, i.e., propane, SDG&E
    • Rental agreement with property owner or agent’s signature (notarized or verified under penalty of perjury)
    • Other government or business document which reliably establishes current residence, as determined by the District.
  5.   Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form (to be completed by a dental professional)
What day does kindergarten enrollment begin?

Enrollment begins the second week in May.  Please contact your school of residence for exact dates and times, or visit

How do I find out about the Preschool Programs that are offered by PUSD?
Poway Unified School District offers preschool at several school sites. To find more information about preschool programs please visit our website at:
How do I find out which school is my school of residence or “home school”?
Please visit our home page or click here to be redirected to an interactive school site locator.
We have recently moved.  What do I need to do?
  • Notify your student’s school office staff of the change in address and bring in two new proofs of residency.
  • If you wish to remain at your current school and you have moved out of your current schools boundaries, you may need to apply for either an Intradistrict or Interdistrict Transfer. Click here for information and forms for Student Transfer Requests.
  • If you wish for your student(s) to attend their new school of residence, please go to the new school to enroll.