Mt. Carmel High School


 Week Of January 26th


Monday -Your online assignment for today is our first stamp activity of the semester. It will focus on stamps of the 1940's. Answer all 10 questions and submit your answers via Safe Assign by 7:00 am on Tuesday. (SA1-20)

Tuesday- Tonight, you are to listen to your first on-line lecture of the semester. It is called "From Versailles To Pearl Harbor" .  As you listen to the lecture, answer these questions. Be sure to use complete sentences. Turn in your assignment HARD COPY Labday in class. (P1-28)  History Social Science Standard 11.7.1

Labday - WWII Lecture, Video clips of WWII, If you are absent, look at the Power point lecture on Learning Point under "Documents" and take notes, answer reflection ?s, and do the writing task. (Notes etc. due on the day of the exam)

Friday - We will be exploring a variety of web sites that reflect World War II.  The purpose of this assignment is to give you an overview of the various participants from WWII. You are to spend 15 minutes at each site. For each of the three sites you must also complete a web site evaluation formALL web site evaluations from Today and Next Tuesday, are due to me next Thursday HARD COPY in class.(P2-30) History Social Science Standard 11.7.3 &11.7.5 & 11.7.6 & 11.7.7  

The Sites

Women Come To The Front                           

Posters For Victory              

Navajo Code Talkers     Be sure to check the dictionary and write the following sentence in Navajo on the top of your Web Site evaluation form: "Japan Fighter Plane Attack Philippine Bay"