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The Adaptive Dimension Website has multiple online inventories and assessments to uncover student interests, learning styles, and multiple intelligences.

For a K-6 Interest Inventory 
For a 7-12 Interest Inventory

Multiple Intelligences Survey by Walter McKenzie  (Note there is a link for a print version at the bottom of the page. The vocabulary and concepts are targeted at upper elementary and above.)

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire by Barbara A. Soloman
Learning Styles and Strategies Interpretation page  At this site, students fill in the questionnaire online and receive immediate results which can be printed. The interpretation page gives strategies to help students with different learning styles become successful. The vocabulary is upper elementary and above.

Learning Styles This inventory is somewhat easier than those above.

Hemispheric Dominance Survey: This survey gives a summary description as well as detailed strategies to the student.




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