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  • Practice test for Primary Grades:
    Before you administer the MAP for Primary Grades Assessment, students will need to experience a practice test warm-up.  This is best done in a lab so every student will have an opportunity to use the mouse to navigate and choose answers in the program:

    Test Warm-Up for MAP for Primary Grades Assessment (from NWEA)

  • Optional "Mouse" Practice: Ensure all your students are comfortable using a computer mouse.  Some classes have volunteer parents spend time with students on the Starfall website or other sites to increase student confidence in using the mouse.

  • Determining Placement and Readiness for the MAP for Primary Grades Assessment. (Readiness and Placement )

  •  FAQs about the MAP for Primary Grades Assessment

    MAP for Primary Grades.

The MAP for Primary Grades Program actually includes three tiers of assessments.  Click here for a detailed handout from NWEA that describes exactly what is assessed on each of the following tests.

(On the MAP login screen you will have the option to choose from
one of the following three types of assessments)

  1. Early Literacy and Early Numeracy Screening Tests: Use these screenings to assess basic letter and number skills

  2. Skills Checklist Tests
    Use Skills Checklist Assessments to assess students' developing literacy and numeracy skills. There are:
    10 reading skills assessments and
    28 math skills assessments.

    Click here for information to interpret the students' score reports:
    Interpreting the Skills Checklist Report


  3. The MAP Survey with Goals Computer Adaptive Tests
    These are given three times a year and measure growth in reading and mathematics skills. 


PUSD MAP Support Contacts

  • email: MAPs Helpdesk

  • or call:  8-801-2854 (for TIM or NWEA Passwords)

  • or 858-748-0010 ext 2854

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