Peregrine Falcons, Tower City/Cleveland, Ohio.  The Ohio Division of Wildlife and have teamed up to present one of the most exciting real world science projects online.  Students have a rare opportunity to develop literacy skills as they read posts, complete research projects, and record observations of the mating, nesting, hatching, and parenting behaviors of peregrine falcons. Students who may struggle with inference in literature selections in class, may learn inference instead from watching and journaling about the behavior of falcons on a web cam and later analyzing those recorded observations. As the same
Photo by Scott Wright students compare their personal observations and inferences with those made by professional biologists, they will naturally begin to develop new skills and abilities for interpreting written materials. Student learning was also supported significantly by volunteer biologist Scott Wright who posted outstanding responses to student questions and inquiries throughout the nesting season.   Raptors in the City provides excellent additional resources to make this project an outstanding real world learning experience. This project to support the Peregrine Falcons as they adapt to the environment of the city meets science and language arts standards at many grade levels. 

Differentiating Your Language Arts Program at Reading and
Check out tested language arts activities at this site. Student writing will soar as you visit links to writing lessons provided by famous authors. Student reading skills will improve as your students read books and online biographies in order to participate in live chats with their favorite authors online.  (Writing with Writers Author Chats )


Language Arts

Jan Brett's Site
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Surveys
Literacy Links
Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Reading Recovery Lesson

Arthur Books

Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aardvark

Cliff-type Notes on Lit

SparkNotes: Great Expectations
Plot summary and analysis for Great Expectations , by Charles Dickens
SparkNotes: Literature! The best free study guides on the Internet. Written entirely by Harvard students and teachers.


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare


BBC Education - Words and Games - Consanant Clusters
BBC Education - Words and Pictures - Reading
Phonemic Awareness for Young Language Learners
Chants written by EFL teachers for young Enlish language learners
Primary Language Activities
Phonics for Kids
Surfing the Net with Kids: Phonics Game Show
Phonics Game Show

Root Words (Greek/Roman)

Calliope: Muse of Eloquence
English words from classical mythology, vocabulary practice, Free Word Puzzles and Activities at Grade Level
Great practice with root words.

Vocabulary Work

Cobuild Idiom of the Day
Merriam-Webster's Word Puzzles
The Mavens' Word of the Day
Word Of The Day
Each day we select an interesting new word for you to consider. More than just the definition: anecdotes, origins, quotes and current events make the

Poetry Publishing Online

English Online - Writers' Window
KidAuthors Home Page
Hey Kids, Welcome to KidAuthors. KidAuthors is a creative place for kids like you. Here you can share your stories and poems with people around the world.
poetry pals: the k-12 student poetry publishing project
Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky
Study the genre of poetry by taking part in step-by-step workshops with favorite authors.
The English Room
English/Language Arts lessons that require students, rather than teachers, to access the Internet.
The Poetry Zone. Poems by children and teaching resources for schools
An inter-active poetry website for children. It also contains poems by well-known children's poets and a wealth of educational material for teachers

Writing Reference Tools

Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games -

Literacy Centers

The Internet Picture Dictionary
The Literacy Center, second edition by Lesley Mandel Morrow


Texts Textual Self-Improvement Program - Reading
Read Across America, An NEA Project
Read, Click and Win with BookAdventure!
Reading Village


Double the Consonant Spelling Rule
Ray's Spelling and Word Games - Multimedia Spelling Bee and two fun word games.


American Folklore: Famous American folktales and legends, Native American myths,
Field Trip: Folktales on the Web

Fairy Tale Units

Fairy Tale Quest - A Webquest
FREE -- Fairy Tale Unit Studies
Lesson Exchange: Fairy Tale Unit (Elementary, Reading/Writing)

Authors and Illustrators

Children's Authors & Illustrators on the Web
Children's Literature -- Authors & Illustrators -- Fairrosa Cyber Library
Google Search Authors for Children

Reading Instruction

Reading Village
Patent-pending learning tools empower kids 3-7 to read stories, write emails, play learning games and safely surf the web with or without adult superv
Welcome to Reading Online
A journal of K-12 practice and research, published by the International Reading Association

Franklin the Turtle Sites


Franklin at
Franklin Coloring Book Pages - Downloads, Printable Pages
Franklin the Turtle


BBC Education - Listen & Write: Main Menu
Biography Maker
CBC 4 Kids Words
Composing Help - Creative Writing for Teens Net Links
Consulting with Students about Writing
English Online - Writers' Window
Funny poetry for children
Gloria's Web Site/Writer's Workshop
Shape Books - Home
Shape-Book Patterns
Story Starters Collection - Creative Writing for Teens
Writer's Block - Creative Writing for Teens Net Links
Writer's Roosts | KU Writing Guide


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