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Green Screens and Lighting Hardware Options



Check out these Studio 9
and 10 How-to video clips by Paul Holtz


Create advanced DVD menus Tutorial by Pinnacle

Tips for Creating Your Credits Screen


Tips for creating
Great Transitions

Advanced Video Techniques for Picture in Picture by Pinnacle


Past-Present Tip from Pinnacle Studio



This is a page of many "How-to: videos that teach beginning and advanced skills using Pinnacle. Start with 36. 

Pinnacle Studio offers a great online video that teaches you how create a personalized DVD menu

This tutorial steps you through the process for creating professional credits for your movies

This is a GREAT tutorial filled with tips for how to use the transitions in Pinnacle more professionally

This great tutorial video teaches you how to use video overlays, picture in picture, and transparent videos in Pinnacle.

Check out this great tip from Pinnacle Studio for how to move your scene from the past to the present...visually speaking:)


The following tutorials are by Jeff Bierly, our educational rep and Suzan Yentema, our product rep for Pinnacle products.  You may not be able to view them at your site because they are on YouTube. Try the links from your home computer or choose the option to proceed to the site with our filter options.


Pinnacle Training Resources

See Training Resources listed in the sidebar on Pinnacle's Education Page

Atomic Learning Studio Plus Beginner

Atomic Learning Studio Plus Advanced

Studio 9 Plus Tutorials

Creating a DVD Menu in Pinnacle


DVD Menus in Studio 9 and 10

Posting a Windows Media Video on your FrontPage Web

Follow these instructions to render your video as a Windows Media File and post it on your FrontPage website

The Pinnacle Editing Desktop

This link is for a quick-start sheet that identifies all the tools on Pinnacle's desktop.

The Video Editing Window

This link is for a quick-start sheet of all the video editing tools in Pinnacle.

The Audio Editing Window

This link is for a quick-start sheet of all the audio editing tools in Pinnacle.

For Pinnacle's Support Knowledge Base

To get help on any unusual questions you may have while using Pinnacle click on the link at the left.

Pinnacle - Producing Movie Documentaries (Teacher Manual)

 Pinnacle - Producing Movie Documentaries (Student Manual)

Pinnacle: Documentaries with Pan and Zoom

Pinnacle: Sending Students to faraway lands using Chroma Key and Green Screen

Here are some links to the educational support materials on Pinnacle's website.

Green Screens and Lighting Hardware Options

PVC Pipe Green Screen Directions For $20.00 you can purchase pvc pipes and green screen fabric for a DIY green screen.
CowboyStudio New Photo Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit Set- 2 7ft Stands, 1 Mini Stand and Carry CaseCowboy Studio's New Photo Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit with carry bag
An inexpensive Lighting Option that includes the 3 lights you need to do high quality green screen work (price:around $85.00)

Steve Kaeser Backdrops Support System (12' wide, Heavy Duty Portable, with carry bag)
Product Details

An Inexpensive Green Screen Frame Option  (price: around $85.00)

Instead of paying for an expensive green screen to hang on this frame, I was able to purchase green jersey fabric for a total of $27.00.  Just sew a rod pocket at the top (3".)
Portable Green Screen For a great portable green screen for head shots:


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