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For a QuickTime version of the movie, click here: Good Readers.

Good Readers, a movie produced by first Graders from April Payne's class at Highland Ranch Elementary school was awarded 1st Place in the elementary division of the 2003 iVie Awards Competition.Good Readers also won the People's Choice award in the Elementary Category. It is a great example of what students can do and how much they can learn when given an opportunity to communicate through digital media.  If the movie above doesn't play automatically after loading, be sure to download the newest version of Windows Media Player .

These amazing first graders created this movie to teach everyone what great readers do. Students were broken into teams that each had a cinematographer, a director, and a spokesperson.    As the week progressed they all wrote scripts highlighting six strategies of great readers. Next they memorized their lines, practiced speaking loudly and clearly, filmed scenes, and then edited the footage with Pinnacle Studio DV 8. The following week, they were ready to view the finished product!  Not only are these students great readers, they are also great filmmakers. 

Since creating this movie, Mrs. Payne has noticed the students are far more aware of the strategies good readers use and apply them readily as they read new materials. Making this movie helped students "see" the strategies through a new visual filter. Evidently it was just what they needed to help the strategies stick!  We discovered that kids are more comfortable with the new technologies than most adults are!

April's 2003-2004 class of first graders tackled the challenging subject of learning to tell time in their newest release, The Time Team

To view Behind the Scenes, a movie created by April to share the process of teaching with video, click on the title.

" We already knew that kids learned computer technology more easily than adults.  What we're seeing now is that they don't even need to be taught.  It is as if children were waiting all these centuries for someone to invent their native language."

--Jaron Lanier



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