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Cozy into your chair and enjoy the lists of sites that give you information that you didn't know you couldn't live without! 

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Resource Sites That All Teachers Need  

Scholastic - For K-8 teachers, spend the day on this great site.   List at least 5 things that you could send a student to see.

Rubrics - Some of the easiest to use and most well developed rubrics around.  This is a "must see".

California Resource Network, CRLN.  This site allows educators to search for supplemental Learning resources that address state standards.  They also have a very nice lesson planning tool.

In SDCOE - > K-12 Teacher Resources > Language Arts > SCORE Language Arts Resources > Activity Bank > Graphic Organizers.   

  • Go back to the Activity Bank and look at the journaling activities.  

  • Go back to the Activity Bank and look at the literature activities.  

  • Go back to the Activity Bank and look at the rubrics activities.  

  • Investigate for a few minutes to find the other resources available to you in other subject areas as well via the main resource page.

Look at the cyberguides; read several of them.

Go directly to the SCORE site.  Look at the subject areas and grade levels that you are teaching.  

Blue Web'N - Search for lessons for at least 2 grade levels that you teach. 

Catalog of Catalogs of Web Sites for Teachers - from San Diego State University, most of the sites listed above and a few others.

Elementary School

Schools Online  Detective LePlant and his partners Bud and Sprout guide students through the mysteries of plant science in this interactive curriculum for 4th and 5th grade students.

Middle School

Check out the Middle School Resource Page for your grade level and subject area.  Please email me others that you would recommend.  [Most recently updated:  Math Resources Page ]

For fun, a huge list of great things to see!  

Internet Magic from Patti Tjomsland - This is an unbelievable list of resources, plan on spending hours!  Here are some of the diverse highlights:

These are my personal favorites:

updated July 9, 2002
by Denise Hogan
Instructional Curriculum Specialist
Poway Unified School District