Beyond the Classroom
Rolling Hills Elementary School

Built in 1967 and known for continuously and consistently imbedding technology in all curricular areas, students have many opportunities to utilize technology to increase learning at all levels. Teachers use web pages for home to school communication as well as for instructional purposes in and out of the classroom. Rolling Hills Elementary was honored as a California Distinguished School in 1987, 1993, and 1997. While on this tour, visitors will observe:
  • Utilization of data from Profiler, an online technology skills evaluation tool to chart the direction for onsite staff technology trainings.
  • PowerPoint, Web Site development, digital cameras and web research to enhance the level of learning experienced by students in the classroom and especially on school field trips.
  • Collaborative learning experiences with real-world experts to foster writing, and to enhance reading skills built through GAGGLE email accounts.
  • Real world science projects used to help reluctant readers and writers build their literacy comprehension skills. (The Peregrine Falcon site)
  • Writing for a community service/commercial web site, students have increased expository writing skills. (
  • Parent/child computer classes to improve technology literacy skills.
  • Technology to analyze multiple assessments and then develop proactive, differentiated, technology-rich behavioral and academic interventions to support student learning.

Mesa Verde Middle School

Mesa Verde Middle School, the district's newest middle school, was opened in 1994. It's innovative design focuses instructions around a village concept and technological strengths. It was recognized as a California Distinguished School in 1999 and a National Blue Ribbon School in 2000. Mesa Verde's student population of 1,540 students in grades 6-8 represents 32 ethic groups. While on this tour, visitors will observe:
  • Hands-on learning in physical science concepts through utilization of interactive physics software, Ashlars-Vellum CAD, and 3D modeling software. Physical models are built and tested.
  • Students view project demonstrations and lessons shown throughout the class on LCD monitors. Parents can observe the classroom via a live web cam.
  • Videoconferencing with students, bringing the world into their classroom in a meaningful, interactive way.
  • Students publishing to the web to inform on controversial topics, and write tutorials for other students to use.
  • MVMS library serves the student community with web accessed catalog and web resources, web safety orientation and web-based reading incentive program.
  • PE Fitness Lab utilizing heart monitors as a part of the cardio vascular fitness program during workouts. See how students immediately use the data to improve their level of fitness.

Mt. Carmel High School

Mt. Carmel is a Digital High School and uses technology to increase learning and enhance teaching. We build capacity in our learning community as we integrate technology in our curriculum and in our communication with students, parents, and staff. Established in 1974, Mt. Carmel has strived to maintain a long tradition of academic excellence. As one of the "Top 100 Technology Schools in the Nation", by the Princeton Review, visitors will observe:
  • Digital Media Production where students learn non-linear editing and creative camera work and apply it to real world applications.
  • On-line Spanish, British Literature, American Literature, U.S. History.
  • Computer application courses in video, website production, and animation.
  • Curriculum available at schools and home via the web.
  • On-line Library Services.
  • Student and adult classes in computer animation, including drafting, digital media, digital screen-printing, bookkeeping, and accounting.
Creekside Elementary School

Creekside Elementary School, Poway's newest elementary, was opened in August 2000. Creekside has the distinction of being the 21st elementary school in Poway, and the first school to open in the 21st century. The physical structure of Creekside is unique. It consists of 30 permanent classrooms, organized in five villages. Each of the villages contains six teaching stations or classrooms, student restrooms, a staff restroom as well as a workroom and a large "village square". While on this tour, visitors will observe:

  • The creation of a live student broadcasting utilizing every role of a broadcasting team: camera, news anchor, video switch, teleprompter, digital operator, reporter, and director.
  • Student created web pages showcase writing, art, and math.
  • How integrating reading, writing, interviewing, video editing, digital photography, and web-page development into a real-world community project motivated students to honor their local marines as heroes.
  • Video-editing skills to highlight the learning that took place on local field trips and during school sponsored events.
  • What the Creekside Education Foundation has done in a monthly series of free classes to help parents adopt and understand technology to assist their children in learning.
  • Students learn questioning skill and interact as professionals with experts through videoconferencing.
  • Students use a wireless lab for class projects, small group projects, author chats, and individual work and practice. The lab is also used to provide training in the use of educational technology for teachers.

Meadowbrook Middle School

Meadowbrook, built in 1964, is the oldest middle school in the Poway Unified School District. Our 1,515 students represent a rich diversity of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. Thirty-one percent of the students are non-Anglo, the largest ethnic group being Filipino. One hundred and eight students speak a language other than English in their homes. There are 29 different languages represented at our school. Included within the student population are 31 full day special education students, 2 of these are enrolled in the Deaf and Hearing Impaired program and 3 in the Autistic program. Meadowbrook was recognized as a California Distinguished School in 1999 and a National Blue Ribbon School in 2000. While on this tour, visitors will observe:
  • Students using iPACs, handheld personal computers with Internet access, e-books, keyboards with Microsoft office, effortlessly beam-writing projects that incorporate web resources. Teacher uses Discourse, an application that allows the teacher to monitor student progress and give immediate feedback.
  • Eighth grade students of Cable in the Classroom Teacher Advisor, using to wireless lab to explore key questions in US History and present findings to class.
  • Campus wide video broadcasting system allows our video tech class to provide the morning announcements, advertisements for school events, and create iMovies that add to the culture of the school.
  • Two class sets of wireless laptops are used to administer district assessments, provide stations for class projects and research.

Rancho Bernardo High School

Located in a picturesque suburban community in San Diego since 1990, Rancho Bernardo High School proudly claims six National Merit Scholars, award-winning choir and drama programs, 28 CIF sports championships, 69 league titles, a national championship baseball team, and an award-winning band that preformed in the Roses Parade and the prestigious Bands of America competition. This school was selected as a California Distinguished School in 1999 and as a 2000 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Recently, students received 9 of 11 awards for Best Video and Best Actor by The iVIE (Innovative Video in Education) Awards Competition. While on this tour, visitors will observe:
  • Computer application courses in video, website production, and animation.
  • Electronic yearbook creation
  • Curriculum available at schools and home via the web.
  • Wireless Laptop uses to support curriculum.
  • Computer training courses for student internships and possible A+ Certification.
  • On-line Library Services.
  • Student and adult classes in computer animation, including drafting, digital media, digital screen-printing, bookkeeping and accounting.