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The resource below are intended to spark ideas about potential resources. Your team will need to apply effective search strategies using appropriate Internet search engines and print resources to complete your task. Here are two tips.

1) Selecting the appropriate search tool is often overlooked by students. NoodleTools will help your team select the right tool for the task.


2) Make sure to explore the Advanced Search features often provided by search tools. Each tool is unique, and they apply different logic for locating the best sites. Four Nets for Better Searching will help you understand how to get the best results from Google.

Four Nets for Better Searching


Cloning/Embryonic Stem Cells
National Human Genome Research Institute

Cloning Fact Sheet
Human Genome Project Information

Cloning Farming’s Future
ABC News

Eighteen Ways to Make a Better Baby
Nova Online

House Passes Bill on Cloning
National Public Radio

How Cloning Works
How Stuff Works

Human Cloning: The Religions Debate
Anita Jones, University of Virgina

In 2003, They Secretly Cloned Mozart
Jonathan Rauch, Reason Online

Me, Myself and I
News Hour

Supermodels Sell Eggs On-Line
Global Change

TOPO® Cloning

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