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New Understanding Teacher and Class Reports Handout and ?'s



When you login to the NWEA website, the DesCartes Learning Continuum is now available for Reading, Language Usage, Math, and Science. 


Website Link: 

Your username and password are emailed to you before testing each year.  For a copy of your login and password you can check with your site MAPs administrator, or email

Click on "Teacher Reports", select a testing period, then click the submit button to see your class reports. For instructions to guide you in accessing NWEA Teacher/Class reports, click here.





ASG Growth Report Fall

ASG Growth Report Spring



To determine the typical median scores for students by grade level, examine the following charts. These charts also include correlations with the California Standards Test.

MAP RIT score probability with the CST for Elementary

MAP RIT score probability with the CST for Middle School



24 hours after testing teachers receive class reports like the one to the right. It is helpful to look at the goal area median scores in order to honor the students for areas with the strongest performance. Then classes will want to choose the lowest goal area score as a class goal.  In the sample report the class math goal would be to improve in their problem solving skills.

Classes whose teachers post the class goal, discuss it with the students, and look up the goal range in DesCartes to inform their instruction typically make greater progress throughout the year.



When administering the MAPs assessment, teachers or students will want to record the students' overall scores as well as their goal area scores as they appear onscreen at the end of the test. Forms are provided below.


  • NEW Common Core Goal Planning Sheets for 2nd and 3rd Grade:
                       Reading,           Language Usage,  and   Math



  • NEW Common Core Goal Planning Sheets for 4th and 5th Grade:
                      Reading,            Language Usage,       and  Math


Students will reflect on the results and write plans to improve in their lowest goal area in each subject.  Improving in the lowest goal area typically results in  higher academic growth in that subject overall.
  • Student Goal Setting Reflection Guides  
    These two charts provide questions that help students reflect on their academic performance on the MAP assessment as they develop personal goals.




   Elementary Guide        Middle School Guide

  • Teachers may choose to have students simply graph their overall scores and then write about changes they see over time.


  • The following sheets can be used to help students develop strategies to reach their goals.

Student Goal       Organizer Elem.

Student Goal Organizer MS/HS




Elementary Page   Middle School Page

Personal Goals for my Extreme Academic Makeover

  • NWEA (Nortthwest Evaluation Association) developed the following pages to provide students with opportunities for self-assessment after the fall and spring assessments. Students reflect on their personal study habits, effort, and participation

 Self Assessment for Fall
   MAPs Conferencing

Self Assessment for Spring
MAPs Conferencing





  • Goal Setting PowerPoint
    (coming soon)



Using MAPs for goal setting can help students:

  • Have hope again

  • Build the bridge between work, effort and accomplishment

  • Experience rewards for effort

  • Feel like you're on the same team working for success.

  • Bring an enthusiasm for achieving. (Video game mentality to reach new levels is on our side this time!)

For an additional resource that provides insight and tools to understand how to motivate students who are unmotivated, Allen N. Mendler has written an excellent book titled: Motivating Students Who Don't Care, Successful Techniques for Educators.  (To purchase this book from the publisher, click on the title to go to the National Educational Service website.)






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