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Parent and Student Guide

PUSD and State Norms

The following charts are a good resources to see what typical scores are at each grade level according to national norms.  It also shows the relationship between a child's RIT score and the level with which that score is correlated on the California Standards Test.

Current MAP/SBAC Probability Charts

Elementary  Middle School

CST Probability Charts for Language based on PUSD Historical Data from 2009-2013

2nd-8th Grade
  • Student Goal Setting Reflection Guides  
    These two charts provide questions that help students reflect on their academic performance on the MAP assessment as they develop personal goals.




   Elementary Guide        Middle School Guide

  • Goal Planning Sheets for 2nd and 3rd Grade:
                       Reading,           Language Usage,  and   Math



  • Goal Planning Sheets for 4th and 5th Grade:
                      Reading,            Language Usage,          and Math



  • Recording Sheets for Middle School:
                    Reading,             Language Usage,        and Math


  • You may choose to have your child graph their overall scores and then write about changes they see over time.

             Fill in the Subject       Math           Language          Reading
                   and score

  • The following sheets can be used to help students develop strategies to reach their goals.

Student Goal       Organizer Elem.

Student Goal Organizer MS/HS




Elementary Page   Middle School Page

Personal Goals for my Extreme Academic Makeover

  • NWEA (Nortthwest Evaluation Association) developed the following pages to provide students with opportunities for self-assessment after the fall and spring assessments. Students reflect on their personal study habits, effort, and participation

 Self Assessment for Fall
   MAPs Conferencing

Self Assessment for Spring
MAPs Conferencing




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