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The World Wide Web has opened so many doors for educators and their students to link with friends and experts around the world.  As I have explored this fascinating new world of communication, I have developed Web sites for many different purposes.  This page contains links to projects my students and I have created as we have explored the world of the Web.  We'd love to have you join us as we journey in the world of Cyberspace!

As the World Wide Web began to grow in size and popularity, teachers and students began to ask for help to understand it better,  to search it more efficiently, and  to know how to carefully evaluate the information found Adventures in Cyberspace was created to help teachers and students learn those skills.

In 1998 I had a room full of third graders studying their community for social studies.  They  discovered there weren't many resources about Poway for children.  So, those 20 delightful students created a web site to teach children about every treasure in Poway.  They still receive letters from grateful families , thanking them for the wonderful information provided in The Kid's Guide to Poway. Their site won First Place in the International CyberFair Contest, sponsored by Global Schoolhouse.

As I've grown and matured in my use of technology, I have begun to see hundreds of ways it can enrich curriculum, motivate students, and provide wonderful opportunities to truly differentiate for student needs.  The Reading and Writing.Com Site is my first attempt at cataloguing a small sampling of differentiation opportunities in language arts using technology.

This site is a PowerPoint that was created for EdTech trainers from each school to share current news with the staff at their sites. It also includes training information for TimeLiner 4.0 software as well as ideas for using Timeliner to facilitate excellent student learning projects. For a PDF file of a TimeLiner 5.0 training PowerPoint, click here.

Click on the picture to the left for the current PowerPoint from our February 26th  PreK-5 EdTech Meeting.  It provides tips to assist with updating Timeliner 5.0 to the newest version that allows students and teachers to save their TimeLines in a web format. It also has information about using Kidspiration and Inspiration in the classroom. Web tours include sites for state reports, the solar system, homework help,  creating online surveys,  assessing EdTech needs with Profiler and more. 

This PowerPoint provides  the instructions (complete with screen shots) for saving your PowerPoints for the web. 

My First Classroom Site was created in 1997 as an attempt to help my students begin to interact with a worldwide audience.  Ok,  the primary audience was definitely comprised of proud parents and they'll always be the ones who loved it the most.  The kids posted book reviews, favorite sites, photos from field trips, and a fun game about endangered animals.

My colleagues and I embarked on another new technological adventure this year. In addition to Keith, Stacey, and I, Denise Hogan, a great middle-school teacher joined us to help publish an on line magazine that highlighted news in the world of Educational Technology. Our goal is to support teachers by providing web resources, software tips, thought-provoking articles, and news of training opportunities. We also highlight best practices around the district.  Each of us is responsible for different sections each month, although I primarily cover the elementary news in a column entitled Footenotes.  For an updated site, click here to go to EdTech Central.

To access recent trainings click on the appropriate links below:

CSR Training: March 20th (2nd and 3rd Grade)

CSR Training: March 21st (Kindergarten and 1st Grade)

Differentiation PowerPoint from March 25th

Grant Writing

PPAP Digital Camera and Scanning Projects for Literacy

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