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January 19, 2015

This year marks the 29th anniversary of first observation of the National Holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who would have been 86 years old.

Click here for an audio file as well as a transcript of his "I have a Dream" address. (If you have trouble accessing it, click here
Copyright 2001-2011.American Rhetoric.)

You can access a video of the speech on this page. Play it full screen.

Remember the focus for celebrating Martin Luther King day is: 


  • To truly honor the spirit of this holiday, make a commitment to participate in community service programs that promote interracial cooperation. You can find a listing of activities in the San Diego area at the "Make It a Day On" link.

  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change has an extensive digital archive of the works of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.   Annually they also post excellent projects to help students carry on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through research, education, and training.
  • All teachers in the district have access to new materials for Martin Luther King Day at the Discovery Education Streaming website. After logging into the site with your username and password, do a keyword search for materials on Martin Luther King Jr.  There are over 256 videos, images, articles or primary source documents available.  (For example, students can listen to the speech Robert F. Kennedy delivered in response to the death of Martin Luther King Jr.) There are lesson plans associated with the majority of the videos as well. Use your normal district login and password to access the site.

Online Lessons and Reproducibles

PreK-8th Grade: highlights all their resources for instruction on Martin Luther King Jr. on this page:  Martin Luther King Jr. : Everything You Need Lesson Plans Additional role-playing activities, writing projects, and other instructional resources from Scholastic are available as printable lesson plans here: Teaching about Martin Luther King Jr.

PreK-2 Students can learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life with this mini-book: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream. (PDF file)  Lesson Plans for literacy projects about Dr. King for K-2 can also be found at this link.

  • The EdSiteMent web site has a tremendous amount of excellent lesson plans that correlate with whatever you're studying currently in language arts or social studies. Click on the link to their site and you'll notice that for each lesson you can quickly see the grade level as well as a brief descriptor of the concepts taught.
  • Education World has 5 Lessons Worth Repeating on Martin Luther King Jr.

  • The International Reading Association's Read-Write-Think website has a journal activity titled Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Me that has students research MLK's life and compare it with theirs.  Click here for the full lesson plan and week of research activities.

  • TeacherVision has added a number of resources from printables, to lesson plans, quizzes, printable biographies, art pages, and more to their site.

  • For Grades 8-12: Do your students claim they already know all about MLK Jr.? Craig Gordon's students at Fremont H.S. participated in research and writings that took them far beyond the surface information typically provided about Martin Luther King Jr.  Study issues surrounding MLK in depth.  Essential questions, resource materials, and graphic organizers are all provided in lesson plans titled- Hidden in Plain Sight: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Radical Vision.

Source Documents and Lesson Plans

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project of Stanford University has many resources for Martin Luther King Day, from audio recordings of his most famous speeches to flash animations of the Civil Rights Movement.  One of the best lists of links to sites, photos, books, and lessons on Martin Luther King Jr. is found at this site under Additional Resources.  You'll find additional lesson plans linked from the "Liberation Curriculum Tab" under "Classroom Resources."



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