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Best Tool to Convert Videos from YouTube
to Edit or embed in PowerPoint

  • Another great video converter is Any Video Converter.  You can convert videos you've downloaded from YouTube to WMV for PowerPoint or AVI to edit in any program.

Great Online Timer

Best Online Real-Time Word Processor

  • Etherpad is the only web-based word processor that truly let's every participant collaborate on a document at the same time.

Free Comic Strip Creators Online

  • Toon Doo is an online comic strip creator.  You and your students can create great cartoon strips to teach academic concepts in a memorable format!

  • Make Beliefs Comix for Educators: This site has 21 ideas for using comic strip builders to improve student learning and provide excellent language acquisition opportunities for ELL students.




Free Photo Collage Creator

Web 2.0 Tools

  • Voice Thread Visit this site and check out the 101 Educational Uses for Voice Thread.  This site allows you to post photos, drawings, or videos and then add audio comments.

Jeopardy Templates

Universal Design for Learning Book Builder Tool

  • The Universal Design for Learning Book Builder website helps you design books to support reading instruction for all students. Check out their sample books to discover additional questioning strategies. Visit their home page to explore additional resources:

Free Flashcard, Quiz, Worksheet, Stickers
and Game Creator for Teachers

Free Online File Converter

  • To convert audio, video, image, or document files to a different format easily without downloading a program, visit:    Zamzar will even let you create PDF files from your Word docs. 

Reference Tools

  • InfoPlease Almanac, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Atlas, Encyclopedia, biographies, News, Sports, Art, Health, Homework center.

  • One Look allows you to look up words in multiple online dictionaries at once

  • For Merriam Webster's online dictionary and thesaurus.
  • By using the Visual Thesaurus students can finally see the definition and connotation of each synonym generated. Or students can easily click on any of the synonyms on the screen to open a new search for words that have that specific connotation. 
  • A free program that is somewhat similar to the Visual Thesaurus is  Visuwords:
  • For all the poets in your class, be sure to bookmark this rhyming dictionary.

Bibliographical Citations:

  • As you teach your students to create bibliographies for their reports and research papers, you may want to visit Easy Bib, a free online advanced bibliography maker. Another site that is especially helpful for younger students is: Noodle Tools Quick Cite .  For information on citing online resources, visit the Online Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources site: Citation Styles for Online Resources.

    Geographic and Political Data

  • NationMaster: world statistics, country comparisons, geographical data, maps, flags, and lesson plans. rightfully claims: "This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Discover valuable professional development resources addressing issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students."

QuizStar is a free online tool that allows you to create and assign quizzes. Results are available in a powerful report management tool.  Students can also take quizzes and review their results online.

bad catJulius Caesar


Keyboarding is a critical component of our student technology standards and is vitally important to enable students to benefit from many of our district writing and software programs.

The BBC has created a FREE,  bright and colorful typing program for students titled: "Dance Mat Typing."  It has varying levels of difficulty and starts at a perfect level for "newbies." It might be a great resource to share at conferences for parents to use at home too.

Another site with free typing tools, including "words per minute" tests is  Free Typing



Click here to go to the free download

Use your digital photos to create slideshows with music, transitions, special effects, and soundtracks.

Here's what Microsoft is saying about the features of their newest free download, Photostory 3:  "Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures. Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and captions. Small file sizes make it easy to send your photo stories in an e-mail. Watch them on your TV, a computer, or a Windows Mobile–based portable device."

For great tutorials to get started, try one of the following links:


Audacity is a great, free, open source software for recording and editing sounds to add to your videos or slide shows. You can download it for free at this link:

Audacity Download.





If you're looking for a professional concept mapping tool like Inspiration, download and experiment with the Cmap Tools Program.  The following quote describes their commitment to offer this tool to educators for free.

"The CmapTools client is free for use by anybody, whether its use is commercial or non-commercial. In particular, schools and universities are encouraged to download it and install it in as many computers as desired, and students and teachers may make copies of it and install it at home."
Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC)

Click on the image at the right to examine this tool's capabilities.




The Discovery School website offers a free Crossword
program to teachers. You can create crossword puzzles and save them in an online account.






Free PDF File Converters

  • Foxit Reader is a great new PDF reader/writer with many features that are valuable for our work! It is a very small download file.  It allows you to create PDF files from documents or to save PDFs as text files.  Some features require an upgrade to their full (for a fee) version.  But, it is an excellent PDF conversion program.

  • Several educators have mentioned that they recently downloaded this free PDF Maker that creates PDF files from any program from which you can print. They can be read by Acrobat Reader.  Visit PrimoPDF to download the free version of this great program.

  • Another free PDF maker that doesn't require you to download a program is:  Zamzar.  Visit their site at  to convert your files.

Rubric Resources
Templates | Ready-Made | Further Information

Rubrics are excellent tools to help students understand the goals for projects and assignments.  They are invaluable in helping teachers have a more objective way to assess work. Students know more clearly what a score or grade represents when they can read the detailed descriptors on a rubric scale. Writing rubrics can prove challenging, but there are many tools, resources, and samples available to help. You may want to start with a checklist which you can create easily on the Project Based Learning Website.


Rubistar:  At Rubistar you can build your own assessment rubric by choosing from pre-generated objectives and performance indicators. Edit them freely for your specific instructional needs. This is a great starting point for building outstanding rubrics. (Note, in Rubistar you're limited to a four point rating scale.) Rubric Builder:  At the Rubric Builder site (now combined with the Rubistar site) you can build a rubric with up to nine performance indicators and nine objectives. You also have three publishing options:
  •  print version
  •  a web version
  •  an interactive web version that allows you or your students to check boxes which are automatically scored and totaled for you.

Ready-Made Rubrics

Regina Public Schools Rubrics: This site from Canada has four and six point rubrics for most subject areas (including the Arts and PE.)  They are provided in Word.doc format so you can download them and adapt them for your specific needs.

Teach-Nology has ready-made rubrics as well as the option to build your own. It even includes some unique rubrics:  Clean-up/Changing Activities Rubric, Class Participation Rubric, and a Team Work Rubric. 

University of Wisconsin Rubrics for Assessment
The University of Wisconsin School of Education has organized an extensive selection of rubrics that apply to academic subjects at all grade levels, rubrics for technology projects,  rubrics for collaborative projects, and more.

Exemplars: This site provides a  collection of assessment rubrics for teachers and students. They even have a great number of student-friendly ones that have graphic designs that make it easier for students to self-assess.
For Further Information about the development and use of Rubrics:

Free Online College Test Preparation  

  • Practice tests for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and Vocabulary

  • Great SAT Prep resources : this site has SAT practice problems, a customized SAT preparation plan, SAT problem solving videos, SAT vocabulary flash cards as well as free online SAT test preparation books and materials. Everything on the site is completely free!
    Designed for the NEW SAT

National Center for Bullying Prevention

Prevent Bullying: National Center for Bullying Prevention.  National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week is October 22-28, 2006. 

Uploading and Downloading Large Files for Free is a great site to create your own "cloud computing" environment.  You can have an online file system to share with others and to upload and download files too large to email.



 Linda Foote
Instructional Technology Specialist
Poway Unified School District



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