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The best lessons for cultural literacy come from the many students who sit in front of us each day in our classrooms. Their cultures, heritage, and stories formulate the most powerful cultural literacy curriculum.

This site of links to lessons and resources has been developed to support cultural literacy instruction and honor the richness of our diverse heritage.  As we celebrate holidays and engage in the study of these cultures, may we develop stronger commitments to unity and peace.

"Real education 
should consist of 
drawing the goodness and the best 
out of our students. What better book
 can there be than the book of humanity?" 

   ~Cesar Chavez

Click on any of the links in the navigation bar above or in the bold print below to access photos, lessons, videos, audio-clips, web quests, and other online resources for multicultural instruction.

Asian American Heritage

California Native American Day
Celebrated the Fourth Friday of September

Cesar Chavez Day: It will be celebrated on March 31 or the appropriate Friday or Monday that falls closest to that day each year.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Black History Month: February




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