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Parent Resource Guides
 K-1st | 2nd-3rd | 4th-5th  | Math Expressions

The Parent Resource Guides were created to correspond to the new Elementary Progress Reports.  For each grade level standard we've included several links that will provide instruction and practice opportunities for students.

Click on your student's grade level to see the standards and links.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the sites are age appropriate and free from any offensive advertising or subjects.  However, websites are always changing and evolving. We will continually work to ensure these are safe and appropriate, but you will always want to check the sites with your child before using them. 

Math ExpressionsThis site is designed to provide support to parents, students or teachers using the Math Expressions program. Math Expressions focuses primarily on number concepts. Number concepts are the foundation for all mathematical knowledge and in Math Expressions students are asked to become flexible in their thinking about number. Students will learn how to break apart numbers and use numerical relationships to solve problems and learn basic number skills. This instruction may be different from the way parents and teachers learned mathematics. This site will be a resource to understand the instruction of Math Expressions. Link to Resource





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