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Prediction/Probable Passage Strategy

Purpose/Rationale:  This is a pre-reading technique that integrates prediction, summarization, vocabulary instruction and story frames.  The purpose  is to generate reading interest in text by getting students to predict the plot outcome of a narrative or the main idea of expository text.

Materials: Probable Passage Template, Pencils, List of vocabulary words of the particular text addressed.


1. Select important terms and concepts from text to be read.

Have the students categorize them according to the story or the text. Narrative elements would include setting, characters, problems, outcomes, unknown words, to discover.  Expository elements would include who, what, when, where, why, how. 

3. Then have each student write a gist statement by making a prediction about the plot of the story or the main idea of the text using as many vocabulary words as possible.

4. Have the students read the story or text and compare their gist statements to the version they predicted.  Then have the students modify their predicted story or text to make it a summary paragraph.

Templates to Use with this lesson: 



What?  Prediction means to make a guess about what happens next.  We anticipate how our world will be, by understanding and interpreting the evidence presented to us.  Without the ability to predict there can be no comprehension. (Smith, 1995, in Burke, 2000)  In order to predict, students must be actively engaged with the text or lesson.  Able readers do this naturally, others must be taught to think this way.  Even with content area materials, students need to be able to predict what the outcome of certain actions might be (cause & effect, sequence, hypotheses). 

In literature, prediction can be viewed as determining a character’s response, or predicting plot outcomes.  These predictions can then be used to construct a response to literature, or a literary analysis paper. 



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