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Creekside Elementary School
CEF welcomes new members:
Shalom Bowcott
Sumer Hasenin

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Welcome to the Creekside Educational Foundation Home Page

Founded in 2000, the Creekside Educational Foundation (CEF) is a successful 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID# 33-0926538) comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators.

CEF is dedicated to providing additional educational resources to students and teachers at Creekside.

Our web site's purpose is to meet the needs of the Foundation and to help parents, teachers, administrators and others to more effectively find the information they need regarding Foundation news, plans, and needs.

How does the CEF support Creekside Elementary School? (Click Here)

Keeping with tradition of previous years and back by popular demand, the fall 2014 activities for the CEF include:

1) e-Scrip sign-up/renewal
2) Creepside Haunted Trails: Friday October 23, 2015 and Saturday October 24, 2015, 6:30pm-8:30pm
3) Gecko Run: Friday December 11, 2015
4) Dinner & Auction: Saturday February 27, 2016 at MCAS Officer's Club
5) Spell-A-Thon: TBA

If you would like to help out by volunteering or have some intriguing fundraising ideas that you would like to lead on behalf of the CEF, please reach out to any of the members listed on the web site via e-mail or on-campus during drop off, pick-up or classroom volunteer hours. In addition, the CEF meets once a month for about 45 minutes on the third Friday of each month at 7:35am in the staff lounge.

Finally to all of our dedicated supporters, on behalf of the Creekside Educational Foundation members, we thank you for your continued loyal support of Creekside.

Wayne Kao

CEF President, 2015-2016