Welcome to the No Excuses University at Los Penasquitos Elementary School


The first trimester has ended and an important stretch of learning is upon us.  Student goals have been set and families have conferred with staff on the progress of each student. Please use the suggestions below to support your student.

Ways to Help your Child

* When booklets and papers are brought home look at them, comment on them, go over them with your child. Show genuine interest in the work. This communicates the idea that education is important and encourages children to do well in school.

* Talk with your child about school and everyday events.

* See that your child gets plenty of sleep. Encourage exercise and good nutrition.

* Monitor TV and video. TV can be instructional and also relaxing in proper doses at the proper time. Talk with them about the programs they watch. Turn off the TV during meals to facilitate conversation. Supervise the content of the video games children play.

* Encourage your child to do homework as early in the afternoon or evening as possible.

* Provide a quiet, well-lit study area for your child. Set up a desk, table, or area designated for study not far from the other family members but free of distractions. Remember to provide materials such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, paper, dictionary, ruler, crayons, glue stick, and scissors.

* Take an active interest in your child’s schoolwork. Keep up with your child when he/she has a test and needs to study.

* Orally quiz your child to help him/her prepare for a test.

* If your child has trouble understanding something, try to help, but do not do it for them.

* Be aware of numerous study strategies, such as flash cards, that can be shared with your child.

* Provide learning experiences outside of school. Parks, beaches, museums, libraries, zoos, historical sites, and family games offer good learning experiences.

* Encourage your child to write.

* Read with your children. Discuss what they read.

* Remember that you are your child’s first teacher.

We are off to a great year,

Deanne McLaughlin

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