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Nominating Committee Results for 2016-2017
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Free 90 minute parent workshop “Time Management Skills & Strategies” on 3/30 at 6 PM in the MPR.  Click HERE for more info.  PTSA members, please come early at 5:30 PM for our last meeting of the year where we will elect next year’s board.



Thank you for supporting all Meadowbrook students!



Greetings Meadowbrook PTSA Members!

It's hard to believe, but next Wednesday (3/30) marks the last association meeting of the school year, and I hope you will be able to attend. This brief meeting will start at 5:30 PM in the MPR and should be done by 6 PM, when our parent workshop (“Time Management Strategies”) will begin.

This is an important meeting for several reasons, the foremost being the election of next year’s executive board (the slate of nominees is posted on this webpage). We will also be adopting the last audit, approving the delegates to the CAPTA convention in May and voting on some increases to the budget (thanks to some additional fundraising).

Normally at the last meeting I also like to present our list of accomplishments for the year. I am so proud of what this board has been able to accomplish, with your support, especially where we have restored programs whose funding had been cut or eliminated altogether. Unfortunately with so little time to conduct the business of the association we may not have time to go over them all, so I have attached them here. Please take a moment to look them over and I think you will be as amazed as I am.

So please come for the meeting and stay for the workshop…it will be full of ways we can help our kids develop effective time management skills for middle school — and beyond.

If you have any questions about any of the attached information, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Hope to see you Wednesday,

Lisa Velazquez

Meadowbrook PTSA President

Attachments (Click to open):

Association Minutes January 26 2016

Audit report recommendation responses

March Financial Report

MB PTSA Association Mtg Agenda 3-30-16

MB PTSA Fundraising Report 3-30-16

MBMS PTSA Accomplishments 2015 - 2016

MBMS PTSA Audit report 07-01-15 to 12-31-15

Nom Comm Report MB


The mission of the Meadowbrook PTSA is to provide programs and events that enrich the education of our students, and to create a closer relationship between home and school by fostering student, parent, and staff involvement and engagement.  We also strive to create an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance within our diverse community of students, families, and staff

 Mission Statement of the California PTA

The Mission Statement of the California State PTA is:  To positively impact the lives of all children and families.

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Four Important Things About PTSA

rrow PTSA is a powerful advocate for family involvement. Over three decades of research shows that the single most effective element in a student's success if the involvement of family members in the student's education.


rrow Members are the strength of our organization. Active and informed members make positive decisions that affect the welfare and education of youth locally, statewide and nationally. Everyone can be a member at any PTSA. The more members enrolled in PTSA, the more powerful our voice.


rrow You are important to us. It is important to the PTSA that you, as a parent, understand the benefits of PTSA. Attending PTSA meetings is an opportunity to keep families informed and the school community about PTSA priorities and the issues that affect our children.


rrow Our community is our greatest asset. As advocates for all children and youth, the PTSA is most effective when we value all members of our communities by seeing the uniqueness of each individual and working to build strong representation from all groups


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