Lunch Information

New POS System for Purchasing School Lunches

The Poway Food and Nutrition Department uses a computerized point of sale (POS) system for purchasing lunches online. Check it out at See our lunch menus here.

Lunch Q & A

Students can purchase lunch at school or bring lunch from home.  There are three ways to pay for your student's lunch:

  1. By cash or check made out to PUSD Food and Nutrition. Please write the student's first and last name and PIN (if known) in the memo section of the check and place payment in an envelope
  2. By credit card at
  3. Students may also bring in cash to buy lunch, but the above methods are preferred.

What if my student has no lunch?

The cafeteria will provide lunch in case of forgotten money or lunch. Please remember to bring your student's account current the next day. The student will be referred to the office on the 1st occurrence, and parents will be contacted.

Is milk included with lunch?

Yes, one carton of milk is included in the $2.75 purchase price. Additional milk or juice may be purchased separately.  Mild $0.75 and Juice $0.50

What if my child can't drink milk?

Lactose Free Milk may be substituted for milk at no extra cost by filling out a Medical Statement to Request Special Meals. Please note that this form requires the signature of a health professional. Submitting this form is the only way that your student can substitute lactose free milk and still be charged only the $2.75 lunch price.

What if my child has other dietary restrictions?

Please call the Food and Nutrition Department. A Medical Statement to Request Special Meals will be required.

What if there's money left in the lunch account at the end of the school year?

Any money left in accounts at the end of the school year will be available for the next year and follows 5th grade students to middle school.

Can I eat lunch with my student?

Parents are welcome to come any day to eat lunch with their child(ren). Simply sign in at the office and wear a visitor's badge while you're on campus.  Parents will then need to sign out after lunch.  Parents will not be permitted to go to the playground.

What if I have more questions?

PUSD Food and Nutrition Department Please visit for more information on menus, prices, nutrition, allergens, and free and reduced price lunches.

Free & Reduced Student Lunch

Starting now, parents and guardians are able to apply for free and reduced lunch online. Just go to: Parents need to reapply for free and reduced lunch by mid-September in order to continue receiving assistance

For more information, visit