Morning Creek Running Club

Running Club Schedule

2011-2012 SCHEDULE: Mondays and Wednesdays: Before School (8:05-8:20am) and at recess. (See recess schedule for your child's grade.) 

Running Schedule for the Rest of the Year:

Wed 4/11: Rained Out
Mon 4/16: Morning and Recess
Tues 4/17: Warm up your mind! Before school only.
Wed 4/18: Morning and Recess
Thurs 4/19: Warm up your mind! Before school only.
Fri 4/20: Morning and Recess
Mon 4/23: Morning and Recess
Tues 4/24: Warm up your mind! Before school only.
Wed 4/25: Morning and Recess
Thurs 4/26: Warm up your mind! Before school only.
Fri 4/27: Morning and Recess
Mon 4/30: Morning and Recess

Wed 5/2: Morning and Recess
Fri 5/4: Morning and Recess
Mon 5/7: Morning and Recess
Wed 5/9: Morning and Recess
Mon 5/14: Morning and Recess
Wed 5/16: Morning and Recess: LAST DAY OF RUNNING CLUB FOR 2011-2012

FRIDAY JUNE 1st: RUNNNG CLUB AWARDS AT FRIDAY FLAG!!!!!! Students achieving over 50 miles will be awarded with a Running Club Medal!

Morning Creek Running Club: We Run for Fun!

Morning Creek Running Club is a fun, voluntary activity for students (Grade K-5) offered on Mondays and Wednesdays, before school and at recess. We will also run on a few “Bonus Fridays” so please check this page frequently for exact dates and times.

Congratulations to our 100+ Mile Runners!

The Morning Creek PTA was proud to present 9 runners with their 100+ Mile T-shirt awards at Friday Flag. These runners consistently show exceptional effort at Running Club and have already logged over 100 miles. Congratulations to Tyler G. , Max G., Imerda M., Aaro L., Jared G., Raeth F., Helmand H., Matthew Z., and Chloe L.!

How Does it Work?

Parent volunteers set up a 1/4 mile running loop on the lower field. As a student completes one lap, he/she
receives a "Running Club stick" from a parent volunteer. The students complete as many laps as possible
during the allotted time. The parent volunteers will let the students know when their running time is done, to get
all of them to the blacktop before the bell rings. They can run for approximately 15 minutes. Students bring the
sticks to their classroom where they are collected and counted after each running session. Volunteers will keep
a running total throughout the year for each participant.

Why Run?

Running is healthy and fun! Students are recognized for their running accomplishments; individually at awards
assemblies and as a class at Friday Flag. Some students will reach 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and even 100+ MILES!

Other Important Information:

  1. Morning Running Club begins at 8:05am sharp! Students can enter the school from the front gates (which
    open at 8:05am) or from the lower field. There will be supervision on the lower field beginning at 8:05am,
    when Running Club begins. Parents must stay with their children until Running Club begins.
  2. Parents are WELCOME to join their children at running club! If you'd like a nice run, join the students but
    please don't collect sticks. (We need them all for our student runners.) If your children are too fast for you
    but you'd still like to help, please contact Kathryn Takeuchi at to become one of our
    wonderful volunteers!
  3. Siblings may run, but only if a parent is present on the field and the parent and volunteers deem it safe for
    them to run. These children will not collect sticks, but are welcome to keep count!
  4. Unfortunately, in the case of a lost or dropped stick, replacement sticks cannot be given unless turned in by another student. This is our way of encouraging the Morning Creek Character Pillars!
  5. In the case of inclement weather (or malfunctioning sprinklers) Running Club will be cancelled. If the
    grass is too wet or the dirt is muddy, our lower field becomes very slippery. For the safety of our students,
    Running Club will be cancelled. If you aren't sure of conditions, come by the lower field and see if the cones are set up. If the cones are not up, head on into the school grounds and enjoy being early to class.
  6. Kindergarten students will begin Running Club in January.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Takeuchi (Volunteer Running Club Coordinator and Morning
Creek parent) at We hope to see you at Running Club!