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This page takes you to websites that will help you with homework. It has links that will help you search the Internet for any topic, sites that cover all areas of homework in general, and specific subject sites.

Internet Research Help

NoodleQuest Web Search for Kids

General Sites for All Subjects

BrainPop HomeworkSpot
KidsConnect Homework Help from Discovery Education
Kids.gov FactMonster
CyberSleuth Kids SD County Library Homework Help


General Science:

BrainPop Science FactMonster Science CyberSleuth Science

Science Fair Research and Preparation:

Science Fair Center California Science Fair Science Fair Central

Biology and Cells:

Cells Alive Biology4Kids I Can Do That!


Cosmos4Kids Imagine the Universe StarChild
NASA for Kids Sea and Sky Galactic Odyssey
Solar System for Kids Science Fun from NASA

Energy and Matter:

Energy Matter Light
BrainPop: Matter


Electricity Shocking Truth About Electricity


Kidstorm Weather Whiz Kids Weather Dude
NOAA Specially for Kids


Endangered Animals National Geographic Animals San Diego Zoo Kid's Page
Rainforest Action Network


Dinosauria More Dinosaur Links ZoomDinosaurs
University of California Museum of Paleontology

Geology/Chemistry/Earth Science:

Biomes of the World Chem4Kids.com Periodic Table of Elements
NASA Earth science The Mineral And Gemstone Kingdom

Social Studies and History

General U.S. History and Government:

U.S. History U.S. Government Presidents of the United States
American Memory: Historical Collections of Library of Congress


Discoverers Web Columbus and Other Explorers

Specific Periods of U.S. History:

Civil War Oregon Trail Underground Railroad
Declaration of Independence

States Information:

50 States and Capitals California More California Info

Kumeyaay Indians:

Kumeyaay Indians of San Diego County

California Missions:

California Mission History California Mission Studies California Mission Photographs
California Mission Internet Trail


World Atlas National Geographic



BrainPop Math Brain Teasers Math @ Kids.gov
FactMonster Math Flashcards for Kids

Language Arts


Biographical Dictionary BrainPop English Word Wise