Reading Plus

Frequently Asked Questions about Reading Plus (print version)

Q: What are the steps to Log-on?

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log-In
  3. Click on Student Login
  4. Enter morningcreek (no space) for the school site code
  5. Select Class from pull down menu (teacher’s name)
  6. Select Username (student’s name) from pull down menu
  7. Enter password: (their password is their 6 digit lunch number) 

Q: What is Reading Plus? A: Reading Plus is a computer-based reading program.

It provides foundational skill building activities with structured sustained silent reading practice. 

Q: What is the goal of Reading Plus?

A: The goal is to assist students in becoming effective independent readers. 

Q: How do I enroll my child in Reading Plus? Is there a fee to use Reading Plus?

A: All Morning Creek students in grades 1-5 are enrolled in Reading Plus. Through the generosity of the PTA, Foundation, and School Site Council this program is available for students at no cost. 

Q: Is there an initial assessment my child has to take?

A: Yes, most students have already taken an RPA (Reading Placement Appraisal) to determine the appropriate level for them to begin at. 

Q: Can my child use Reading Plus from home?

A: Yes, it is a web-based program so it can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. 

Q: How often should my child use Reading Plus? How long does a session typically take to complete?

A: In order to achieve the ideal results, your child should be completing at least 3 sessions per week. Each session takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions regarding Reading Plus?

A: Please contact Marsha Santiago