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About Mt Carmel


Reach 'em with Relationships: Provide a caring environment where students and staff feel connected to one another and the community.

Teach 'em with Rigor: Ensure students master academic standards and acquire the skills and habits of mind to be successful and productive members of society.

Let 'em Soar with Relevance: Enable students to find their future by creating learning opportunities that connect to the real world.

Core Values

We are committed to ensuring that each student reaches his or her potential to master the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes essential for success in school and society. We are dedicated to involving parents in encouraging students to fulfill their responsibilities in the learning process.

We are committed to making effective decisions through the extensive involvement of those affected by the decision
~ staff ~ students ~ parents ~ community

We are committed to developing and maintaining an environment in which staff and students value
~ cultural diversity ~ learning from one another ~ ethical behavior ~ performance at a high level ~ mutual caring, respect, and support.

We are committed to communicating effectively by

  • demonstrating an awareness of cultural differences and similarities
  • exchanging information among students, staff, parents, district office/school sites, and the community
  • providing opportunities for professional dialogue and development

We are committed to aggressively seeking and effectively managing our human and physical resources. These include innovation and creativity, finances, technology, time, and facilities.

We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe, orderly, and attractive environment, which promotes productivity and stimulates learning for the students and staff of Mt. Carmel High School.

Student Outcomes

Academic Proficiency: Students demonstrate academic proficiency as measured by local, state and national standards.

Persistent Effort: Students are persistent in their efforts to reach their academic potential Options: Students are college-ready and prepared for a variety of post-secondary options.

Ethical and Timely: Students make good choices that are ethical and have a sense of timeliness in their planning and daily conduct.

School Commitments

Mt. Carmel has agreed to the following commitments in order to promote our mission and realize our student outcomes:

  1. Mt. Carmel will continually examine our instructional practice.
  2. Mt. Carmel will continually examine our assessment system and our feedback to students.
  3. Mt. Carmel will continually examine intervention philosophy and implementation, in the classroom and school-wide.
  4. Mt. Carmel will link students to post-secondary options by providing relevant and meaningful curriculum and guidance.
  5. Mt. Carmel will promote a positive school climate and culture for the students, staff and community.


Nestled in the rolling hills of Rancho Penasquitos, you will find Mt. Carmel High School. Opened in 1975, Mt. Carmel has long been the focal point of the community. The expansive campus offers performing arts and athletic facilities, as well as classrooms including 12 science laboratories, visual arts labs, and a library, to students and the community. The campus finished a three year 56 million dollar renovation project. For the 2006-07 school year MCHS opened a new cafeteria facility, administration center and the new SUN Center housing grade level teams of assistant principals, counselors, guidance technicians, as well as student services, records, attendance, finance and health offices. This renovation is a direct result of district voters having passed Prop 'U', a facility improvement bond measure in 2002.

Rancho Penasquitos is a predominantly middle-class area with more than 47,000 residents in over 14,000 households living in apartments, condominiums and single-family houses. Seventy-two percent own their homes and 28% are renters. Slightly less than four percent of families have incomes below the poverty level. Twenty-two percent of families have incomes of less than $49,999 per year, 68% between $50,000 and $149,999 and 10% have incomes of $150,000 or more. The predominant racial/ethnic groups of the community are African-American (4%), Asian (13%), Filipino (14%), Hispanic (9%) and White (53%). More than one-quarter of Penasquitos residents are foreign born and one-third speak a language other than English.

Parent and community involvement at Mt. Carmel is deep and positive. With an emphasis on the common goal of educating young people academically, physically and emotionally, Mt. Carmel maintains excellent relations with parents. We sponsor parent events throughout the year, such as Back to School Night, Eighth Grade Night and College Night to keep parents informed and involved. Numerous parent booster groups support the teams in our wide-ranging interscholastic athletic program. Similar parent groups support our award winning instrumental, orchestral and vocal music programs. The PTSA acts as a force for positive change including offering grants to staff members and scholarships to students.

Building for Success

MCHS is the beneficiary of Prop U and Prop C funding. Check out the "Building for Success" site which highlights the plans and progress for reconstruction. Click here - Mt. Carmel High School highlights and photo gallery.

School Wide Data