Mount Carmel High School


Graduation Requirements





Electives The required classes count for 150 of the 230 credits required for graduation. Anything that is not used to meet one of the above requirements is considered "elective." 85 credits will be electives.  Any A-F courses taken beyond the minimum required count toward "G" electives.

School Service Courses (Teacher Assistant/Office Aide/Library Aide) No student may take more than one school service course per trimester. A maximum of ten (10) credits of school service may be applied toward graduation requirements, and a maximum of forty (40) credits of school service and Work Experience may be applied toward graduation requirements.

Biological Sciences Include Biology 1-2, Human Biology 1-2, AP Biology 3-4, AP Environmental Science 1-2, Zoology 1-2.

Physical Sciences Include GeoScience 1-2, Physics 1-2, AP Physics 1-2 "B", AP Physics 3-4 "C", Chemistry 1-2, AP Chemistry 3-4, Marine Science 1-2.

Drama This class is considered a fine art.

P.E. No more than 40 credits of P.E. can count toward graduation.

Multiple Credits A student may repeat any course for the purpose of improving the grade in that course. Students will not, however, receive multiple credit for repeating a class except in the following courses:

  • English As a Second Language
  • Reading Skills
  • Speech Workshop
  • Developmental Writing
  • Yearbook
  • All P.E. classes
  • Journalism 2
  • Work Experience
  • All School Service classes
  • All ROP classes
  • Vocal & Instrumental
  • Planning & Leadership
  • Performing class in Music