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Mt. Carmel School Accreditation Process


Welcome to Mt. Carmel's page on school accreditation. On this page you will find information regarding the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the organization that provides accreditation for schools, as well as documents generated by Mt. Carmel for the accreditation process.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is the independent agency that provides accreditation for schools and colleges in the western zone. More information about WASC can be found on their website, .

Mt. Carmel Accreditation

Mt. Carmel staff, students and parents have been working on a comprehensive self-study for the past year. That work and subsequent report were framed by the accreditation standards put forth by WASC. Mt. Carmel will host an accreditation visit this Fall on October 23rd - 26th, and a team of educators from across the state will be examining Mt. Carmel in accordance with the WASC guidelines. The visiting committee will have read the self-study report, and with information found through their visitation, will issue their own report to the school and the WASC Governing Board for an accreditation term.

In this area of the web page we will post our comprehensive self-study report, information about the visit, our school wide Action Plan and a copy of the visiting team's final report. We will also use this page to update all stakeholders about our on-going improvement process, progress made on our action plan and how parents and students can continue to have a voice in the improvement process.

Mt. Carmel High School WASC Self Study Report including the Action Plan--Fall 2011

WASC Visiting Committee Report