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Login to Naviance College Connection, click on the Scholarships tab (along the top menu) for the most up to date list of Scholarships.
Naviance College Connection Registration Information

NAVIANCE is a website designed to help students and parents plan for college. The most up to date list of college visits is posted on this website, as well as scholarship opportunities. There is also a resume builder and a list of enrichment program opportunities. We are in the process of getting this website off the ground! Create your account today so we can email you with important updates as they become available.

 1. Click on the Naviance direct link on the MCHS homepage or


2. Click on the “I need to register” link

3. Enter your student’s ID number PRECEDED by an:
“A” if you are the mother (i.e., A1847705)
“B” if you are the father (i.e., B1847705)
“C” if you are the stepmother (i.e., C1847705)
“D” if you are the stepfather (i.e., D1847705)
“E” if you are guardian or caregiver

Naviance College Connection SIGN IN PAGE:


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