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College Prep Timeline

11th grade College Readiness Checklist

  • View A-G courses:
  • Continue College and career investigation, focusing on what is most important to you, using the web and these resources:  Career Cruising, Naviance, and, more links here.
  • A+ schools for B students
  • Refine Goals set last year on Naviance
  • Update your Resume on Naviance
  • Review "Career Interest Profiler" on Naviance
  • Begin to narrow down your choices and List "Colleges I'm Thinking About" on Naviance.
  • Calculate your chances of being accepted; compare your student profile to those attending colleges of your choice on Naviance "Scattergrams" or
  • Participate in extracurricular activities that match your interests (athletics, drama, choir, clubs, service etc.).
  • Focus and enhance your community service, strive to be a positive standout, Intern.
  • Take challenging courses and continue to work hard. This is your most crucial academic year; keep up the hard work!
  • The PSAT happens in October. See the counselors for more information
  • Consider SAT Prep Class (, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Elite, etc).
  • Take SAT/ACT in spring. Register for SAT on, ACT on
  • Start My Quickstart on
  • Attend College Speaker Visits in the Suncenter.  View list and sign up on Naviance.
  • Visit colleges - Ten things to do on a campus visit
  • Explore Military options

Important resources for all grades

Career Cruising
Click on the Career Cruising logo and enter Username: mtcarmel Password: sundevils
This is a fun and friendly career exploration website! It will help you answer burning questions such as: What do I want to be when I grow up? How will I support myself? What will my major be in college?

Naviance College and Family Connection
NAVIANCE is a website designed to help students and parents plan for college. The most up to date list of college visits is posted on this website, as well as scholarship opportunities, and letter of recommendation info.

National Center for Education Statistics  College Navigator
This site provides great info on cost, financial aid offered, retention rates and 4 year graduation rates.

Khan Academy

Academic College and CareerSocial and Emotional