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detailing everything you need to know about
senior activities and graduation.

  • Seniors, see your "TO DO LIST" for upcoming due dates and important information.

  • SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP SURVEY - the survey is a mandatory part of  the Senior check-out process. The survey is due May 23 to the Sun Center or emailed to

  • FINAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST - Every senior, regardless of future plans, must complete a final transcript request . Due to the Records office by June 1.

  • CAP AND GOWN- if you have not already ordered your Cap and Gown package for graduation, contact JOSTENS right away!  Email

  • YEARBOOK - You can no longer order a yearbook for the 2016/17 school year ON LINE through Yearbookordercenter. Contact the MCHS Finance office to purchase a yearbook 858-484-1180 x 3131. The number of yearbooks are limited and prices increase as the school year progresses, order yours today!

  • SENIOR CHECKOUT- Each senior is required to turn in all textbooks, clear all unexcused absences, meet all financial obligations, complete the Senior Survey and Transcript Request prior to the planned senior activities and graduation. See the Senior Informational Letter for details.

  • GRADUATION CEREMONY - The graduation ceremony is held on the last day of school, Thursday, June 8, 2017 in Sundevil Stadium. The processional will begin at 5:45pm and the ceremony begins at 6pm. Seniors begin check-in at the tennis courts at 4:30pm.
    • Admission to the ceremony is by ticket only! Each graduate will receive 14 tickets during the Senior Picnic. If more tickets are required, students may sign up for 4 additional tickets starting May 30th in the Campus Safety office. Children under the age of 7 do not require a ticket. ALL tickets are complementary. 
    • Balloons, noisemakers, cow bells, air horns, vuvuzelas, and other such items will not be permitted in the venue.  These items obstruct the view for others and prevent people in the stands from hearing the program. Guests bringing them in will be asked to discard them or return them to their vehicles until after the ceremony.
    • Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Cars parked in the fire lane, dirt, or lawn areas of the school grounds are subject to towing and/or ticketing.
    • For additional information, please refer to the Senior Informational Letter.


SENIOR PICTURES - Senior Portraits for the Yearbook are taken by VISUAL PHOTOGRAPHY the summer before the senior year.


12th grade College Readiness Checklist

  • Social Studies Class Visitation Schedule
  • Narrow down your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" List to "Colleges I'm Applying to" List on Naviance.
  • Calculate your chances of being accepted; compare your student profile to those attending colleges of your choice on Naviance "Scattergrams" or
  • Continue College and career investigation, focusing on what is most important to you, using the web and these resources:  Career Cruising, Naviance, and, more links here.
  • Finalize Goals set last year on Naviance
  • Update your Resume on Naviance
  • Review "Career Interest Profiler" on Naviance
  • Participate in extracurricular activities that match your interests (athletics, drama, choir, clubs, service etc.).
  • Focus and enhance your community service, strive to be a positive standout, Intern.
  • Take challenging courses and continue to work hard. This is another crucial academic year; keep up the hard work!
  • Complete SAT/ACT by December at the latest (for CSU November is the latest!)
  • Take Community College Placements Tests for early placement in Community (2year) Colleges
  • Take ASVAB test for military OR just to see where your strengths lie.
  • Create a “professional” email user name/account.
  • When attending college visits in the Sun Center meet the speaker, this is often the same Admissions Counselor who will read your application.
  • Financial Aid/FAFSA: apply for pin in 2015, complete FAFSA in early January 2016 at 
  • Search Scholarships on Naviance
  • Use College Application Tracking Sheet
  • Get information and help with College Apps. by attending the College Application Workshop Series

  • College  RESOURCES   click Here

  •  College Visits in Sun Center

    For up-to-date list of visiting colleges click here

    Click here for College Visit Pass (Required to attend visit)

    letter of recommendation

    ~ UC's/CSU's do NOT accept letters of recommendation with the exception of UC Berkeley.

    ~ Private schools usually require 1 counselor letter of recommendation and 1-2 teacher letters of recommendation. Use the Common Application if possible!

    ~ Be sure to ask the teacher/counselor who’ll be writing your letter at least 3 weeks in advance of the deadline. 

    Click here to view the process to Request a Letter of Rec

    Click here if you need Transcripts

Links to College Admissions Departments and Applications


The California State University (CSU) requires you to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam prior to enrollment in the CSU class unless you are exempt by means of scores earned on other appropriate tests such as the CSU’s Early Assessment Program (EAP) tests in English and Mathematics, the SAT, ACT, or Advanced Placement (AP). The EPT and the ELM are not admission tests; instead, they determine eligibility to enroll in specific courses. If you are required to take the EPT and the ELM but fail to do so, you will not be allowed to register for General Education courses at the CSU. You may take the EPT, ELM or both at a campus near you or where you plan to enroll. For more information click here.


Researching Colleges, Trade/Technical Schools, Scholarships
      and Majors


Important resources for all grades

Career Cruising Click on the Career Cruising logo and enter Username: mtcarmel Password: sundevils This is a fun and friendly career exploration website! It will help you answer burning questions such as: What do I want to be when I grow up? How will I support myself? What will my major be in college?

Naviance College and Family Connection NAVIANCE is a website designed to help students and parents plan for college. The most up to date list of college visits is posted on this website, as well as scholarship opportunities, and letter of recommendation info.

National Center for Education Statistics – College Navigator This site provides great info on cost, financial aid offered, retention rates and 4 year graduation rates.

Khan Academy