Mount Carmel High School


Attendance Office
24-Hour Attendance Hotline: 858-484-8512

Attendance Office Hours are as follow:

During the regular school year: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm
During the summer: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm

Students may access the Attendance Office during student break, lunch and after school.

If your child is going to be absent from school or you need to clear an absence, please contact the attendance 24-Hour hotline: 858-484-8512

Shevaun Teegarden Attendance Clerk x3113
Cecilia Chavez Attendance Clerk x3114

A great many questions can be answered at the Attendance Office. When you are returning to school after an absence or checking out for a medical or dental appointment, it is essential that you check out through the Attendance Office. The Attendance Office is located in the Administration Building.

Report a Student Absence?

  • Reporting all day absences:
    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to report their student’s absence. To report an absence, call the attendance office hotline before 11:00a.m. EACH DAY that the student is absent. All absences must be cleared within 48 hours or they will be considered as TRUANT.
  • Less than 15 minutes late:
    Students arriving during the first 15 minutes of class time must go directly to class. The only exception is if the student has a note to clear the tardy. All notes to clear tardies are to be brought up to the Attendance window before proceeding to class.
  • More than 15 minutes late:
    All students arriving more than 15 minutes late must check in at the Attendance Office for a readmit. This includes students arriving between classes, during break, and at lunch. Late arrivals over 15 minutes must be excused by a parent or they will be coded as class cuts.
  • Medical Excuses
    In order for a student not to be penalized for any tardy or absence, the State of California requires verification in writing, on official letterhead, showing student’s name and date of appointment.

In order to ensure the best educational experience, attendance to class should be a priority. If a student has ten absences this will be considered excessive and a SARB letter will be sent to the district office, unless a medical note is provided.

Procedures for Early Checkout

  • Off-Campus Passes
    Please call the day before a pass is needed or by 7:00a.m. of the requested day for the pass. The office will call to confirm on all notes to leave campus. Parents who cannot call or call last minute will need to sign their student out in person at the attendance office. Please allow sufficient time for office aides to locate your student and hand them their pass. Please note that if a parent calls ahead of time the student will be waiting for you in front of the school and parents will not have to come in and sign out their student. Mt. Carmel is a closed campus.
    Students must have an Off Campus Pass to leave campus during school hours. If a student leaves campus without a pass it is considered a truancy and cannot be excused by a parent or guardian.
  • Illness during school
    Students who are feeling ill must report to the Health Office and may obtain their off campus pass after staff has spoken to the parents/guardians. THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE WILL NOT CHECK OUT STUDENTS WHO ARE ILL.
  • Lunch Passes
    If a student leaves campus on a lunch pass and does not return after lunch, a parent must call the SAME DAY to excuse the afternoon classes. If a call is not received the same day, the absence will be considered a class cut and cannot be excused.

It is important that your student attends every assigned period every school day. Sporadic attendance impacts the academic achievement of your student. We have initiated a comprehensive attendance monitoring program at Mt. Carmel to curtail chronic absences and to keep you informed of your student's presence in classes. Attendance is taken in each period.