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MAIN NUMBER: 858-484-1180

Address for Mt. Carmel High School 9550 Carmel Mt. Road 858-484-1180
San Diego, CA 92129
Address Change Cecilia Chavez 858-484-1180 Ext.3114
AP (Advanced Placement) Testing Charmaine Ferrer 858-484-1180 Ext. 3151
Associated Student Body (ASB) Sanford Carvajal 858-484-1180 Ext.3185
Athletics Randy Wright 858-484-1180 Ext.3110
Attendance Cecilia Chavez 855-484-1180 Ext. 3114
Bulletin Jenni Franano 858-484-1180 Ext.3000
Bus Passes Jenni Franano 858-484-1180 Ext.3000
CAHSEE (California High School Exit Examination) Colin Young 858-484-1180 Ext.3107
Career Center Kim Bronson 858-484-1180 Ext.3516
College Visits Diana Fisher 858-484-1180 Ext.3108
Course Registration Counseling 858-484-1180 Ext.3108/3147
Enrollments Barb Tomicich 858-484-1180 Ext.3147
Family Connection Barb Tomicich 858-484-1180 Ext.3147
Food & Nutrition Lisa Surita 858-484-1180 Ext.3176
Grade Changes Lindsay Meyer 858-484-1180 Ext.3130
Graduation Colin Young 858-484-1180 Ext. 3107
Cap and Gown Orders Jostens 858-486-2020
Handicapped Parking Erin Kelley 858-484-1180 Ext.3123
Finance Office Stacy Pate 858-484-1180 Ext.3131
Health Office Ellen Wood 858-484-1180 Ext.3173
Interdistrict/Intradistrict Transfers Nancy Dannhauser 858-521-2840
Job Board Barb Tomicich 858-484-1180 Ext.3147
Learning Point 858-521-2800
Library Mia Faulk 858-484-1180 Ext.3551 
Lunch Passes Erin Kelley 858-484-1180 Ext.3123
Lost and Found Erin Kelley  858-484-1180 Ext.3123
Marquee Sanford Carvajal 858-484-1180 Ext.3185
NCAA Kim Bronson 858-484-1180 Ext. 3516
Off-Campus Passes Erin Kelley 858-484-1180 Ext.3123
Off-Roll Stickers Erin Kelley 858-484-1180 Ext.3123
Parking Permits Erin Kelley 858-484-1180 Ext.3123
Pictures Lifetouch 858-693-9197
Senior Portraits Visual Photography 858-679-9790
Pool Dean Berenz 858-484-1180 Ext.3199
Registration/ New Student Enrollment Counseling 858-484-1180 Ext.3108/3147
Security Erin Kelley 858-484-1180 Ext. 3123
Scholarships Diana Fisher 858-484-1180 Ext.3108
Student Data Technician Diane Dargitz 858-484-1180 Ext. 3111
Student Services Sheila Hatfield
858-484-1180 Ext. 3485
Student Store Cheryl Kennedy 858-484-1180 Ext.3152
Ticket-to-Play/OCIS PE Linda Uribe 858-484-1180 Ext.3110
Transcripts Lindsay Meyer 858-484-1180 Ext.3130
Website Jenni Franano 858-484-1180 Ext.3000
Work Permits Jenni Franano 858-484-1180 Ext.3000