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ASB Advisor: Emily Pratt, Phone: 748-0245 x5182, EMAIL

Any student may initiate the procedure for starting a new club during the first or second semester of the school year. A PHS staff member must be identified to advise the club. New club petitions are available from the ASB room and should be returned to the Club Commissioner. The completed petition must state the name, purpose, and membership requirements of the proposed club and must be signed by at least twenty (20) PHS students who are prospective members. A constitution must be drafted by the proponents and will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Student Review Board. The Student Senate must also approve the club. 

School sponsored clubs must be either related to the curriculum or must be service organizations. Political, religious or philosophical clubs and organizations are permitted by the Poway Unified School District and are referred to as non-school sponsored clubs. These clubs, student-initiated and led, may not have regular attendance by non-school persons, and must have a non-participatory custodial advisor. School sponsored and non-school sponsored clubs and organizations must abide by all regulations and procedures established by the schools ASB constitution.

Academic Team Roy Parth Nobel N3-208 Every day after school  Dedicated students who train and practice to compete in academic competions with other schools.
ACLetes Cortez Justin Poulson D1 Tuesdays at lunch A club to support and inform students with ACL tears and to help people recover from mental and physical obsticles in a fun and relieving way
Adventure Club Spruill-Smith Anna Mears D9 Tuesdays at lunch To promote outdoor activities 
Advocates for Animals Club Coleman Anna Mangiameli  H5 Tuesdays at lunch To raise money for and help animals in need
American Red Cross Van Pelt Ariella Lee  B5 Thursdsay at lunch To learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission related service projects.
Animal Rescue Club Cortez Gina Stone D1 EO Wednesday at lunch. To volunteer and help animals who are in need and also spread awareness of animal safety. 
ASB Pratt Simon Shapiro H1 Every day 4th period Grow in leadership skills by planning events and being super spirited.
Asian Culture Immersion Von Ehrenstein-Smith Katie Doxtader H3 Thursday at lunch For all students who are interested in learning about Asian Culture and building community.
AVID Kawasaki Patrick Johnson & Esther Lapite N6-201 Thursday at lunch A college prep course that prepares students for the application, essay, requirements and tutoring processes they need to become successful and attend a four year major university
Band Cook Sadie Pratt N1 Tuesday at lunch Designed for dedicated students to play instruments and learn music.  
Best Pals Nixon Maggie Enloe  D1 Thursday at lunch A club that builds friendships between gen ed. students and students with special needs through weekly lunches/fun events.
Black Student Union CJ Grace Driver B6 Wednesday at lunch To strive and foster a sense of community for all studetns.  To celebrate African American Culture lifestyle and history and activites.
CA Scholarship Foundation Whitaker Amy Walker D5 Thursday at lunch CSF is a state wide organization that recognizes and honors outstanding high school students. CSF members tutor other students on campus.
Catholic Club Hoffmeister  Tatiana Rivera  F3 Tuesday at lunch This is a club for all students to discuss  Catholicism.  All students are welcome.
Chess Club Coleman Elise Serrano H5 Tuesdays at lunch For the learning of and enjoyment of the ancient game of chess for players of all skill levels. Opportunities for volunteer work will be provided.
Children of Fresco Baldi Club Dugo Sebastian Perico B2 Mondays at lunch This club is dedicated to collecting donated items to help  orphanages in Columbia. 
Clash of Politics Waasted Ashkan Hassani N5-101 Fridays at lunch In order to understand the mechanics of politics, and enlighten our future voters, we will follow and discuss the upcoming election, using polls and presentations. We will learn about propaganda usage and popular opinion vs the truth
Collection's Club Coleman  Tommy Kolinek H5 Tuesdays at lunch This club wants to celebrate student interests and give students the opportunity to share their interests with other.   Student will be encourage to bring in and show their collections/interest.  
Computer Coding Club Dohm George Mandell N3-107 Thursday at lunch For all students who are interested in learning and researching video game design and careers.
Cru Jolk Hannah Nelson F-5 Wednesdays at lunch For all students who are interested in meeting and talking about God, to provide a spiritual aspect for students on campus
Dead Poet Society Spruill-Smith Nicole Manley D9 Fridays at lunch This club provides the opportunity for all students to express themselves through poetry and other readings.
Don't Worry Be Happy Zamora  Natalie Marriott D9 Tuesday at lunch A club in which students learn how to find happiness and how to share it with others. Includes a lot of community service, projects, and mainly just a time for students to destress, relax, and have fun.
Environment Rescue Club Van Pelt Sarah Davydov B5 Fridays at lunch This club is organized to raise awareness about the environment and ways to contribute to building a better global future.
Fantasy Club VES  Daniel Dickson H3 Wednesdays after school Students will be able to discuss fantasy and explore fictional realms 
FFA Martineau Kate Golden N3-103 first Tuesday of the month To promote leadership through agriculture
Fight Against Bullying Spruill-Smith Tatiana Rivera  D9 Thursdays at lunch The purpose of the club is to spread awareness and educate others about bullying and how to stop it. 
Fight Against Hunger Johnson Cody Jose  N6-203 Every other Tuesday at lunch To raise awareness to fight hunger around the world.
Fondue Connoisseurs Club Zamora  Gavin Blain E1 Wednesdays at lunch The purpse of this club is to inspire students and build an appreciation for the  culinary arts.
French Dugo Camille Morfin B4 Thursday EO lunch To encourage students to appreciate and learn about the French language and culture.  Students will also be provided with tutoring opportunities with the language. 
Friday Night Live Struck Adam Hunter  K6 Tuesday at lunch FNL builds partnership for positive and healthy youth development that engages youth as active leaders and resources in their communities
Future Doctors of America Fitzgerald  Camille Morfin B7 Thursday at lunch Explore different areas of medicine, hospital, volunteerings, and the exposure to careerse involving medicine.
G.A.M.E.R.  Reschan Indica Francassini E98 Friday at lunch An opportunity for students to socialize based on their hobby of playing video games.
German Culture Club                                                     VES  Emma Hansen  H3 Thursdays at lunch Students will learn about the  German culture and language 
Girl Up Poway Liska Christine Xue N3-206 Everyother Mon. at lunch Empowering women in need by adovating women's rights in the community
Grapplettes Meyers Tria Ismay E9 Wednesday at lunch These students will attend wrestling meets, assist in running the meets and cheering on student athletes.
GSA  Fitzgerald  Kathleen Lewis  E5 Friday at lunch Providing a safe place for LGBT plus students on campus and have education for local LGBT events
Home Economics Club Canning Kaelin Facun  B2 Mondays at lunch  To help educate high school students about life sufficiency. 
Iliad Libby   D-16 Every day 5th Design and produce a monthly school newspaper.
Invest for a Cause  Coe Alexander Lluch N3-201 Tuesdays at lunch To teach students about the stock market and provide opportunities to support charities. 
Key Club Whitaker/Warner Alex Williams  K1 Wednesdays at lunch To provide a plentiful amount of community service, give opportunity to local students for statewide projects
Korean Culture Club VES  April Baker H3 Mondays at lunch This club is a place to learn about and discuss Korean Culture
Latina Empowerment Club Koch Jenna Mayer E7 Fridays at lunch To empower Latinas to pursue their education and to promote positivity within the Hispanic community.
League of Legends Club Johnson Zachary Goodman N6-203 Wednesdays EO lunch This club brings gamers together on campus, discuss the video game League of Legends and discuss the positive effects of playing video games.
Make-A-Wish Jolk Amy Walker C5 Tuesday at lunch This club directly support the Make a Wish Foundation.  Student will be provided with community service and project opportunities.
Miracle Morning Club Karp Erin Matsuoka N5-103 Mondays at lunch To promote personal growth and help maximize your happiness for the day.
Model United Nations Goff Vibha Deshiikan N5-104 Monday lunch      Mon- Wed 2:30-3:30 Club will spend much of the season preparing to compete in a Model United Nations conference, where they will act as diplomats from a country of the teams choosing in various on committees. 
Mormon Club Schemmel Justin Poulson Choir Room Wednesdays at lunch To create a fun safe environment for all religions to come learn about Mormonism.
National Honor Society Woodward Amy Walker D8 AS needed TBD Is supported by National Honor Society to celebrate students who achieve academically.  Students will also be given the opporttunity to tutor other students
Natural High McKnight Jessica Thai D2 Thursday at lunch Purpose of this club is to spread the Natural High message: Do what you love, as opposed to drugs. Raises awareness, allows students to find their passion, community service, and spreading message to middle schools.
New Heights Club Johnson Joshua Orton N6-203 Every other Thurday at lunch Student will discuss their love of rock climbing and hiking and encourage other students  to enjoy nature. 
Peer Counseling Barker-Ball Angelina Nguyen K1 Thursday morning A group of teens who help support other students on campus.
PHS Democrats Waasted Sarah Weise N5-101 EO Thursday To debate and discuss upcoming politics in a liberal setting.
Physics Club COB Piper Langer Weida  H6  Mondays at lunch Discuss current physics developments, watch physics videos and provide homework and lab help
Poway Athletics Club Rangel Cole Simpson E6 Tuesday at lunch This club is designed for a group of student who would like to  sports equiptment to donate to kids or organizations who can't afford equiptment. 
Republicans of Poway Talley Spencer Vierra  N5-202 Tuesday at lunch Creates a forum for students to talk about the benefits of Republican politics. 
Robotics Dohm Reid Johnson N3-107 Wednesday 7-9pm This club provides a place for students to design, engineer, and build robots.  While learning leadership, communication and team work .
Rugby Mocock Justin Couvrette C2 Wed at lunch and practice Rugby is a club sport for all students on campus to join.
Russian language Easter Anna Smirnova N5-203 Tuesday at lunch To inform students of Russian culture and teach the language.
Science Olympiad Daniel Gurtaj Bopari B6 Wednesday at lunch Encourages participation in the sciences and prepares students for a Science Olympiad competitions.
Speech and Debate McMillan Parth Nobel D5 T and Th 2:37-3:37 pm To compete in Speech and Debate and build rhetorical skills.
Surf and Sand Club McKee Jaxon Kim N5-204 Once at month on Wednesdays at lunch This club creates the opportunity for students to share their love for the ocean and help- under priveledged kids enjoy the ocean too 
The Arts Club Hensey Dafina Sopi Art Room Thursdays at lunch To create an environment in which people who love art and come together to share it.
The Shakespeare club Julia Spruill-Smith Ryan Cooper D9 Friday at lunch To have fun and educate members on Shakespearian literature by means of watching professional productions and occasional readings for anlysis/comprehension.
Titan Theatre  Wezelman Ryan Jordan PAC Wednesday at lunch Establish for students to  grow in their theatre practice and skills.
Titans United Adams  Khirin Dacanay N3-205 Tuesday at lunch Titans United is a club designed to foster a positive school culture on campus by discussing antibullying strategies and helping all students connect to our campus. 
Unconventional Comedy Woodward John Lettang D8 Fridays at lunch To teach and practice the art of improv
Veg Club Von Ehrenstein Smith Jenna Mayer H3 Wednesday at lunch Discussing current events surrounding animal welfare, fundraising for shelters, watching school-appropriate documentaries about food and healthy living.
Writer's Block Rangel Olivia Taylor E6 Thursdays at lunch To provide students the ability to learn about different writing styles, receive feedback on their work and make new friends 
Yearbook Libby   D-16 Every day 4th period Design and complete school yearbook.
Zoology Club Brewer Hannah Mellos  B8 Wednesdays at lunch Educate and inspire about animal life.

PHS Poway High School, 15500 Espola Rd., Poway CA 92064 Phone (858) 748-0245 ~ Attendance Hotline 748-7016

The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is an equal opportunity employer/program and is committed to an active Nondiscrimination Program. PUSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For more information, please contact the Title IX/Equity Compliance Officer, Associate Superintendent of Personnel Support Services, Poway Unified School District, 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128-3406, 858-521-2800, extension 2761.

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