Resources for Students

 Here are links various resources that students and parents can use!

Below include sites on Stress, Suicide Awareness, Happiness, Cutting, Eating Disorders, Drug Information, Crisis Websites, Self Help Websites, Violence, Drivers Test, Teen Pregnancy, Gender Issues, and Laughter.

Mental Health Stressed out?  Help can be found here. You are not alone!  Share your story, ask a doctor, information, and links--lots of good stuff here divided into categories: abuse, alcoholism, anorexia, self-injury, depression, bulimia, self-esteem, drugs Suicide Awareness Voices of Education: symptoms of depression, warning signs of suicide, common misconceptions and lots more. What is happiness?  Here's a fun site that makes you think.

Cutting?  Here are two websites that might help you: ; 

Issues with Food? ; What's wrong with trying to be thin?

Drugs/Tobacco Teen Challenge: drug information On line lessons--step by step with lots of helpful information  Online guides and Instant Messaging Help.  Sign up for free and have a whole community of people to support you while you quit.  Don't Quit Alone!   A page geared for teens, lots of facts and figures and hints.


California Youth Crisis Line: 1-800-843-5200  Open 24/7 for ages 12-24. Calls are anonymus.  For more information see Teen Chat: resources and teen chat rooms for teenagers and young people, on topics such as adolescence and puberty, relationships, depression, sexual health and sexuality, general teen advice and teen help. Staffed support chat room where teens help teens with any problems they may have, or just hang out for a friendly chat. Anonymous Help-line web site, for teens, by teens.  Developed by experts in teen counseling and psychology, professionally monitored. A password-protected, safe cyber-space for teens to work out their issues. Brought to you by KidsPeace, the leader in teen crisis counseling. Teen advice and chat: oldest & largest, volunteer powered, free, Q & A archived service in the World. Our website is a network made up of a network of peer mentors that have the desire to reach out and "connect" with one another. The members of our staff have not been chosen for their spot-free record, but for the real life experience that may come in useful in the resolution of fellow teens problems.


Violence: How to deal with violent situations (brought to you by the APA, American Psychological Association).

Driver's Test: Need to pass your written driver's test?  Practice here.

Birth Control: When you're making decisions about sex...Be sure you have accurate birth control information.

Gender Issues: Wondering if you're gay?  Here's a website with lots of information and help: 

Girls: A website for girls with information about health, relationships, drugs, sex, etc. 

Health: Answers & advice about teen health.

Youth Voices: Youth Communication: Stories by youth "that make a difference."

Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine: a study to find the funniest joke in the world.

Testing Tips for Parents & Students: Click Here Help yourself or your student do their best on tests--relieve anxiety about tests.


Any other resources that you've found helpful, Please email us a link!