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PHS Counseling

Office hours - 7:00am - 3:00pm M-F

Counselors' open office hours are during break, lunch, and after school.  Please sign in when you visit - the sign-in sheet is in the front lobby. 

Counselor (A-ER): Christy Brown
Phone: 748-0245 xt5128, EMAIL

Counselor (ES-LA): Jerrah McGeorge
Phone: 748-0245 xt5127, EMAIL

Counselor (LE-RA): Blanca Arreguin
Phone: 748-0245 xt5136, EMAIL

Counselor (RE-Z): Jerilyn Padua Reyes
Phone: 748-0245 xt5123, EMAIL

Counseling Assistant: Lynne Oakes
Phone: 748-0245 xt5138, EMAIL

Counseling Assistant: Jodie Hughes
Phone: 748-0245 xt5137, EMAIL

Registrar: Tania Rowe
Phone: 748-0245 xt5130, EMAIL

Student Data Tech: Barbara Longworth
Phone: 748-0245 xt5119, EMAIL

Student Services Coordinator: Traci Barker-Ball
Phone: 748-0245 xt5393, EMAIL

Student Services Specialist: Sharon Struck
Phone: 748-0245 xt5394, EMAIL


Assistant Principal (A-GIK): Peter McKee
Phone: 748-0245 xt5104, EMAIL

        Secretary to Mr. McKee: Susie Warriner
       Phone: 748-0245 xt5105, EMAIL

Assistant Principal (GIL-NEL): Catherine Burling
Phone: 748-0245 xt5106, EMAIL

        Secretary to Ms. Burling: Pam Goepfert
       Phone: 748-0245 xt5111, EMAIL

Assistant Principal (NEM-Z): Aaron Little
Phone: 748-0245 xt5109, EMAIL

        Secretary to Mr. Little: Lisa Stuber
       Phone: 748-0245 xt5108, EMAIL


PHS Poway High School, 15500 Espola Rd., Poway CA 92064 Phone (858) 748-0245 ~ Attendance Hotline 748-7016

The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is an equal opportunity employer/program and is committed to an active Nondiscrimination Program. PUSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For more information, please contact the Title IX/Equity Compliance Officer, Associate Superintendent of Personnel Support Services, Poway Unified School District, 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128-3406, 858-521-2800, extension 2761.

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