Welcome to Westview PTSA!

Westview PTSA Membership Registration 2014 - 2015

We are happy to report that PTSA Membership for the 2014 -2015 school year is growing! Please take a moment to participate – thank you!

Click on the link to become a member – registration is easy! https://www.ptareg.com/registration.asp?sitecode=wvhs

You can also print the 2014-2015 Membership form and bring it in the Westview office or mail it to the school.


Joining together the parents, staff, and students at Westview


1.   Representation
Members may attend Association Meetings held throughout the year and vote on important issues.  Your voice counts!

2.   Grad Nite
Sponsor of the fun-filled Grad Nite for seniors on the evening of graduation day to ensure a safe environment for the students.

3.   Financial Assistance
Assists students, families, and staff by offering financial aid, staff grants and year end gifts to the school.

4.   Parent Support
Provides information on educational workshops and assists parents with volunteer opportunities and other ways to become involved in their students’ education.

5.   Programs
Sponsor of Student/Staff Recognition Nights, Reflections and Character Counts!

6.   Communication
Enhances communication to parents, students and staff by publishing a staff newsletter and maintaining a PTSA website.

7.   Support
Assists with funding vital programs at Westview such as assemblies, Student Services, staff hospitality, accreditation and enrichment events.

8.   College Readiness
Facilitates a spirit of higher education on campus by offering Mock SAT/ACT testing throughout the school year, promoting the PUSD College Fair, supporting the AP Program and sponsoring of senior scholarships.

9.  Advocacy
Advocates for critical legislative issues on both the state and national level.  

Beth Kiernan, V.P. of Membership

Adult, Student, and Westview Staff Memberships - $10.00

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve obviously never been in bed with a mosquito!”   --Michelle Walker


Page Updated: November 12, 2014