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pd360 ~ Teacher Orientation from PUSD on Vimeo.


 Quick Reference Guide 

The better the educator, the better the students.  PD 360 provides the content, tools, and resources needs to improve the practices of our educators and enable our schools and district be be part of the success story.


What is PD 360? (Video Link) PD 360 is an on-demand library of professional teacher development resources that uses technology to make learning more effective, convenient, and sustainable.  It has over 200 hours of video content that can be accessed 24/7 from the PD 360 website.  PD 360 is great tool to use to introduce new content or to serve as a follow-up to content that has already been delivered.  It features many renowned educational consultants such as Phil Schlechty, Robert Marzano, Rick and Rebecca DuFour, Tom Guskey, Rick Stiggins, David Sousa, Doug Reeves, Michael Fullan and many others.


How do I log onto PD 360?   Go to http://www.pd360.com   Use your Poway Unified email address to log onto the site.  This is the address that ends in @powayusd.com.   Your initial password is pd360.   You will be directed to change your password as soon as you log on for the first time.

If you are having login problems, please call PD360 directly at 1-855-337-7500.


What topics are available in PD 360?  To find all the videos categorized by topic, go to School Improvement Contact List

PD 360s for IPDPs and Learning Plans


How can PD 360 be used?  PD 360 videos can be viewed individually or more preferably, with groups of educators who share common purpose or goals.  The content in PD 360 can be used as part of a workshop or as a resource for professional learning communities.   Best of all, the content can be used as follow-up to a professional development workshop that has already occurred to help educators remember what was learned and see strategies in action.