Seeds of Change WEB QUEST

Answer the following questions using the links provided for each set.  Save as you go, then print your answers and bring them to class on the due dates for each section. 

I. Use this link to answer 1-3: "THE COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE"        
1.  List the five most important tangible (touchable)  things (in terms of their biological and cultural impact) that were exchanged the between Old and New World.
2.  When Columbus and other Europeans arrived in America, an exchange of ideas began.  List the three important ideas shown in the chart.
3.  What was the most significant (important) change brought about by the arrival of Columbus and other Europeans in the Americas?
* 4.  Use this link:   Colonial Virginia: The Tobacco Economy     Choose A or B:
A.  Where did tobacco originate?  What happened after it was "discovered?"  It's discovery eventually lead to the _______.
B. (Advanced/GATE students):  Find cause and effect relationships and create a flow chart showing the series of MAJOR events which began when tobacco was first "discovered" by Columbus.   (Any student is  welcome to do this instead of A.)   

5.  (a) List five diseases introduced to the Americas by the Spanish.  (b) What percent of native populations died from 1519 to 1820, due to these diseases and others?
6.  How did the introduction of horses change life in America?  Why?
7.  What negative impact did non-native animals have on the New World?
8.  Which non-native plant impacted (harmed/changed) life in America most?  How/why?  Explain your answer.
9. In your opinion, what were the five most important "technologies" introduced to America by Europeans?  List them in order from 1 (made the greatest impact) to 5, and give a brief explanation for each ranking.

Part III. Use this link for 10-15:  "CHANGES BROUGHT ABOUT BY ENCOUNTER BETWEEN...WORLDS" (continued)  
10.  Why did the introduction of maize (corn) and potatoes to the Old World eventually lead to a population explosion (increase) there?
*11.  Choose A or B:  (A) How did the introduction of maize to Africa eventually help American plantation owners?   (B) Advanced/GATE students:   How did the introduction of maize in the Old World eventually lead to industrialization in Europe?  Explain or draw the chain of events.
12.  What country grew 80% of the world's sweet potatoes in 1986?  From what country did sweet potatoes originate?
13.  Click on this link, print the chart of Cultural Exchange, and glue it in your SS spiral.    The Columbian Biological Exchange
14.  Explain this sentence:  "Columbus' voyages helped to set in motion patterns of cultural diffusion that have continued."   
 15.  How has cultural diffusion transformed (changed) life in both hemispheres?  Give three examples that you didn't discuss in your other answers.


The Great Food Migration
The Reintroduction of the Horse to America  Slave Trade