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Magnet Animated Video

Facts About Magnets Magnet Recording Sheet for Hungry Hounds  



Forces and Motion 

FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman      
Kinetic Energy and Potential energy!

 Simple Machines

Simple machines are tools that make work easier. 

They have few or no moving parts. 

These machines use energy to work. 

Go to Simple Machines Activity Page

The Six Simple Machines  

Compound Machine Activity Home

Simple Machines Learning Site

 What does a simple machine look like?




Rocks & Soils

Rocks and Soils
Be a rock tester and
find out the properties of
 different types of rocks.

Pebble, Sand and Silt

Rocks for Kids  
This site gives lots of information about rocks.

The Page
of Rocks

Rock Cycle

The Difference Between
Rocks and Minerals


Beautiful pictures of minerals - check it out!

Visit volcanoes around the world!!

Earth's Crust
Use cool graphics to learn about the earth's crust.

Find out some interesting information about soil!

Soiled Again!
Information on soil types

Erosion    Learn about the different
types of erosion.




Living Things Grow and Change

P sita D eucharis wings.jpg          





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Weather Activity Home    


Weekly Reader

Lots of interesting science news from around the world with interactive activities for kids.




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