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Teacher/Class Location for 2015/2016: Humanities (Room 505), Soc. St. Grade 7(Room 505), and Drama (Theater)

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*********Conference Schedule for Oct.  This is last year's schedule I put up the new year's ( 2015-2016) sched. after open house .

I Subject Calendars and Schedules:

### After School / Extracurricular - Drama Club information:

  1. (NOTE- This is an extra curricular /after school program and is not part of the humanities/drama class.  

  2. First meeting after school in the theater on Tues. , 08/25/15 (until. 4:00).


***Per. 1 and 2 Lang Arts Assignment Calendar (Online check back here daily to keep up with your work!)

* *Periods  3, 5, and 6 -Social Studies Assignment Calendar (Online check back here daily to keep up with your work!)

***History Faire, 05/14/15 Schedule Here -

* Per. 7 Drama Class Assignment Calendar  (Online check back here daily to keep up with your work!)

Drama Class information Page: here


II ****History Faire, May 12(quarter # 4) Information  Sched. of events(what, where and when)*****

III Syllabus/Reference pages for students/parents:

IV Satire:

V Specific Subject/Class Information Pages:



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Watch Mr. Sykes in 7th Grade (below)

(Bill Watterson)


        My homework is really a big pain.

     All those thoughts, they won't stick in my brain

        And try though I might ,

        I'll be up all night.

     I'd much rather get hit by a train!


A Reflection on my Hairstyle-

That old English assignment so rare,

Would induce me to pull out my hair.

In my hands it did sit

Didnít hurt me a bit

But on top, well it just wasnít there.


Ode to our History Book-

Our history book, well itís quite a bore,

With its facts, maps and lessons galore.

These I cram in my brain

But the pressureís a strain

They might burst out and run on the floor.

         -by Brother Wulfnoth

*See students/teacher from this and past years at work here.

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* Conference Week Sched. 2009/2010* TBA

Subject Information Pages:                                                                   

I. Drama Classes:  

II. 7th Grade Humanities:

  • Humanities Calendar -2004- 2005 (A work in progress. Check back often!) "Y'all come back now . Ya hear?")

             A. History: (Click Here)







B. Geography 



C. Language Arts/Literature





        The Canterbury Tales

Summer Reading Guides-

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III. Important "Stuff" for Students/Parents- 


"And now for something completely different..."


IV. Brother Wulfnoth's Corner:

  • Brother Wulfnoth looks at the

Maya ball game.


  • Brother Wulfnoth gives a blow by blow of the Battle of Hastings:



V. Misc. (Stuff to look at if you're really


  *** Please, remember the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and their families

 who are serving our country at home and


*In remembrance of those from my

 generation who also served when called.


 * Pictures of my

 grandchildren, my children and family.


* Personal Background


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* Teaching Experience


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(A 15th Cen. Irish Bonnacht and his Kerns)

     An Irish Blessing

May you always have...
Walls for the wind
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might