Anna of Byzantium Chapter 5


  1. How old was Anna when she began to observe her father?

  2. Where would she stand when she was in the throne room and why? 

  3. What did Simon give as the reason that Icarus had to die? 

  4. Who was the young blond man who always stood at her fatherís right side in the throne room? 

  5. How is Constantine related to Anna?

  6. Who was attacking the empire?

  7. What was this war grandly called? 

  8. Who was in charge while Alexius was at war? 

  9. Anna describes diplomacy as what? 

  10. What do you think Simon meant when he told Anna not to fly to near the sun? 


Vocabulary Words:

conscious                                                                     disarray           

tedious                                                                         rigidly              

counselor                                                                      bustling

acquit                                                                           patroness         

infidel                                                                           mosaic