The Early Middle Ages

History and Geography

Invasions of Europe, 800-1000

Between 800 and 1000, three groups—the Magyars, the Vikings, and Muslims—invaded Europe. The Magyars, fierce warriors from the east, crossed over land and attacked Europe from Asia. Perhaps the most frightening invaders of all, the Vikings, came from Scandinavia in the north. The fierce Vikings used ships to travel along Europe's coast and up its rivers, looting towns and taking prisoners to sell as slaves. The Muslims had already controlled Spain and attacked France, but also crossed the Mediterranean Sea to invade southern France and northern Italy.




1. On the map, use a bright color to trace a route where the Vikings invaded inland by traveling along a river.

2. Use a different bright color to trace the Magyar's route from Asia to Italy on the map.

3. Use a third color to trace the Muslim invasion routes from the Middle East and Africa into Europe.

4. Find the island on the map that was invaded by Muslims from two different directions. Draw an X on that island.

5. Update the map legend to reflect the colors that you added to the map.


 1. Location In which direction did the Magyars travel as they invaded Europe?

2. Region Which group of invaders came from the north? Which group of invaders came from the south?

3. Draw a Conclusion Did the Magyars used ships in their invasions of Europe? Why or why not?

4. Predict How successful do you think the Vikings would have been in invading Europe if they had not had ships? Explain why.

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