Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns, and Collective Nouns

Aconcrete noun names a person, place, or thing that can be perceived by one or more of the

senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell). An abstract noun names an idea, a feeling, a quality,

or a characteristic.

CONCRETE song ABSTRACT loyalty hubcap dishonor dog trust

A collective noun is a word that, even when it is singular, names a group.

COLLECTIVE audience, family, batch, herd, class

EXERCISE A Decide whether each of the following nouns is concrete or abstract. Identify each one by writing CON for concrete or ABS for abstract.


______ 1. locker

______ 2. enthusiasm

______ 3. humor

______ 4. bridge

______ 5. Brazil

______ 6. dishonesty

______ 7. computer

______ 8. Jupiter

______ 9. sympathy

______ 10. procrastination

______ 11. Great Barrier Reef

______12. Queen Elizabeth II


EXERCISE B Underline each collective noun in the following sentences.


11. I sing tenor in a quartet.

12. Everyone in the group received a door prize.

13. The team arrived early and went to the locker room.

14. As I watched, a flock of geese flew overhead.

15. The jury filed into their seats and listened to the judge’s instructions.

16. During lunch today the committee will meet to plan fund-raising events.

17. Can you find your way through this thick grove of trees?

18. The cat and her litter found a home in my dog’s abandoned doghouse.

19. When Jared hit the beehive with a stick, a swarm of angry bees flew out.

20. For this short flight, the plane needs a crew of only three.