Predicate Adjectives

A predicate adjective is an adjective that is in the predicate and that describes the subject.

Apredicate adjective is connected to the subject by a linking verb.

EXAMPLES Yesterday I felt sick.

The cider was cold and refreshing.

EXERCISE A Circle the linking verbs in the following sentences, and underline the predicate adjectives.

Some predicate adjectives are compound.

Example 1. Your dog (appears) tired or ill.

1. The ocean looks calm tonight.

2. The governor seemed happy with the meeting.

3. After roller-skating, the children were hungry and tired.

4. Traffic on my street becomes quite heavy during rush hour.

5. The committee’s plan is very complicated.

EXERCISE B Underline each predicate adjective or compound predicate adjective in the following

sentences. If a sentence has no predicate adjective, write None on the line provided.

Examples _____________1. Reading is fun and relaxing.

________None_2. These books are about adventures.

____________ 6. Scott O’Dell is a fantastic writer.

____________ 7. His books have become famous.

____________ 8. Island of the Blue Dolphins is excellent in my opinion.

____________ 9. The main character is an American Indian girl.

____________10. Alone on a deserted island, she feels lonely and scared.

____________11. Fierce, wild dogs are inhabitants of the island, too.

____________12. They seem very frightening to her.

____________13. She then becomes intent on leaving the island in a canoe.

____________14. Her journey becomes dangerous when the canoe springs a leak.

____________15. She is a brave person but wisely turns back.