Art Criticism


(Paraphrased from Art: Images and Ideas by Laura H. Chapman)

The second part is learning to analyze and judge art as experts do.  This process is called art criticism because it requires critical thinking.  Critical thinking is logical thinking.  Every idea fits with every other idea.

When people look at art, they say I like it or I dont like it.  That is a natural way to respond.  It is called expressing a personal preference or opinion.

A critical judgment of art is more than an opinion or preference.  It is based on critical thinking-logical steps in thinking.

After reading this information and completing the activities, you will:

Aesthetics & Criticism Understand and use guidelines for perceiving, interpreting and judging art.


Art History Understand and be able to apply standards for judging art based on historically important art philosophies.


Creating Art Understand and be able to use your knowledge of aesthetic perception and art criticism while creating art.


Check for Understanding!

When students have demonstrated that they understand the different forms of Art Criticism please answer Questions 5, 6 and 7 on the Study Guide.  Click on the "NEXT" button to move on to the "Philosophies Section."