Art as Expression


(Paraphrased from Art: Images and Ideas by Laura H. Chapman)

Some philosophies of art are based on respect for intense human feelings and originality.  Standards for judging include:

First Impression:
The work expresses a definite feeling.
  • The proportion of parts, color, and other elements is unexpected or exaggerated.
  • The total design is dramatic or original.  It gives you a definite feeling.
  • The subject or theme is unique, dream-like or fantastic.
  • The subject or theme seems to come from the artistís desire to communicate a strong feeling (the great joys, sorrows or problems of people).
  • The use of materials is original or unexpected.
  • The materials and techniques are an important part of the mood or feeling in the work.
Functional or Decorative Art:
  • The work has an unusual function or combines several functions.
  • The design of the work is unexpected and causes you to react in new ways.