The purpose of this assignment is to help teach students to interpret and analyze art.  This will provide students with the ability to view and describe art using new vocabulary to express themselves and better understand artwork and the world around them.

At the end of this assignment students will be able to demonstrate understanding and explain relationships in art.  Students will be able to go far beyond simply identifying what they like and donít like when it comes to art.  They will be able to apply the elements and principles of art to existing works using applicable vocabulary.

Helpful Hint #1

Click on the "Study Guide" link at the bottom of the vertical column.  Either copy the questions and paste them into a word processing program or print it out.  Make sure to answer all of the questions thoroughly because it will act as a guide throughout this lesson and help you with the assignments that you will need to complete.

Helpful Hint #2

Follow the steps throughout this lesson and you will learn a tremendous amount of information.  Even if you are comfortable with analyzing artwork you will probably learn something new about the process.  Don't skip any steps.

Helpful Hint #3

Have fun.


Let's begin by taking a look at some "Tools" that are going to help with this lesson.