Art as Instrumental


(Paraphrased from Art: Images and Ideas by Laura H. Chapman)

Some philosophies of art emphasize the use of art in everyday life and for communication.  Criteria for judging art are:
First Impression:
The work has an important message or function.
  • The proportions of colors and other elements are planned to help you understand the message of the work.
  • The total design is useful.  It is part of the message the artist wants you to understand.
  • The subject or theme is related to the life of a cultural group.
  • The subject or theme is important to almost all people at some time in their lives.
  • The materials and techniques help you understands the message of the artwork.
  • The materials and techniques are practical and related to the function of the artwork.
Functional or Decorative Art:
  • The work serves the purpose of communicating important ideas.
  • The design or decoration is well suited for its purpose and isnít too plain or fancy.